Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Post-Racial Progressive Fundamentalism And Criminogenics: Make The Police & Gun Dealers The Criminals Who Are Killing Black People

Despite what you might believe, while I immerse myself in "Progressive Fundamentalist Thought" it is not to mock the progressives, but to express how foreign their line of thinking is.  More importantly they need to CONTROL THE NARRATIVE in support of the "Keep The Enemy On Trial So You Don't Indict Your Progressive Friends In Power".

The above audio report that claims "Crime Is Down / Fear Is Up" is such an artifact that proves to be confusing.

Credit to the one criminologist who notes that there is no national narrative on crime.  The subject needs to be disintegrated down to a specific area of a city (ie: the zipcode level) in order to understand the dynamics of violence and a solution there in.

Whereas we will never hear anyone celebrating a "Record Low In Racist Lynching", because, even the HINT OF A LYNCHING produces a ritualistic cavalcade of "Civil Rights Pharisees" who bring up Civil Rights Era pictures that are fused in their minds, my problem with White liberals like Marty Moss Coane is that she is NEVER going to throw cold water on the latest "#Black Lives Matter" - "Black Civil Rights Homicide Victim Martyr Hall Of Fame" Ritual Ceremony by pointing out that UNJUSTIFIED POLICE KILLING OF BLACK PEOPLE is but a small fraction of how "Ninjas Get Themselves Kilt In America today".

Though I appreciate the subject matter and the expertise at the table - NONE OF THE PARTICIPANTS IN THE CONVERSATION HAD A CLUE ABOUT WHAT THEY DID.

They talked about:
  • Fears Of Terrorism (San Bernadino)
  • They Talked About Police On Black Shootings (Ferguson Effect)
  • They Talked About GUN REGULATION
Despite the fact that the one criminologist talked about how crime is a matter of "Zipcode", when it came to specifically focusing on last year's spike in homicides none of the participants at the table specifically took up this issue as a separate line item.

Yes criminogenics has a basis in poverty and hopelessness.   Yet in as much as Mrs Coane spoke about the ELECTION YEAR POLITICIKING in which "CRIME IS MADE A CAMPAIGN ISSUE", she still cannot bring herself to work as a voice of "Under Developed Black People In Philly", demanding that those who have practiced Extractive Politics from these communities but put on the spot and show evidence of "Organic Competency Development" among their constituents (without allowing them to make an indictment against 'Harrisburg' for failing to provide resources).

The ironic point is that while it is popular to point to the WHITE BIGOT who wants to run a" GET TOUGH ON THE BLACKS CRIME " political platform - it is the FRAUD before our eyes in the form of the "#Black Lives Matter Movement" who showcases that:

The failings in Mrs Coane and other White Progressives to protect under-developed Black people from their Black Progressive Colonizers - comes when they can't see that THESE BIGOTS want to "KEEP THEIR ENEMIES ON TRIAL" - and this is the same spirit of BIGOTRY, HATRED AND IGNORANCE that WHITE PEOPLE SHOW when they propose "GET TOUGH ON BLACK CRIMINALS" as a campaign movement.

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