Tuesday, January 05, 2016

FRAUD NOT JOURNALISM: Atlanta Blackstar News Vows To Make "SECULAR PROGRESSIVISM" The Exclusive Religion Among Poor Blacks Globally By Initially Pushing Christianity Out Of Its Second Place Position In The United States

Atlanta Blackstar News: Colonial Stronghold Why Is Christianity The Most Popular Religion Among Black People In Poverty



After more than 20 years of direct debates with "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers" - there is a certain subset of them that have measurable CONTEMPT FOR 'POOR, UNEDUCATED BLACK PEOPLE'.

Their only saving grace (from being exposed) is that in America THE PERPETUAL PURSUIT OF THE RACIST WHITE RIGHT WING MAN triggers most more thoughtful Blacks to UNIFY with these "Educated Ignorant Progressive Fundamentalists".

You must carefully note the fraud and slight of hand used in this latest "Atlanta Blackstar New" Jedi Mindtrick.

Whereas normally it is "500 Years Of White European Oppression" that defines the primary force which - Stole Their Gold and Culture and rendered them poor and ignorant,  TODAY the Colonizer's Field Agents are focusing their attack upon the "White Man's Gift That Keeps On Giving"  CHRISTIANITY - who, in their view, continues to colonize poor Blacks each Sunday.


Ask "Atlanta Blackstar News":  Why aren't you out protesting in front of "Dr Kings Church" in Atlanta, forcing Dr Warnock to stop indoctrinating Black people with Christianity?

THE ANSWER IS:   Dr Warnock's SECT of Christianity is not a threat to the Secular Progressives at "Atlanta Blackstar News".   This band of BLACK PROGRESSIVE POLITICAL CHRISTIANITY has the outcomes that are a 100% match with the "Secular Progressive Social Justice" scheme.

We must also note that while the "Atlanta Blackstar News" is good for taking Black people over to Kentucky and exposing that the "Most Poor White County In The Nation Is Also The Most Republican", syndicating the works of their White Progressive Fundamentalist Allies - NEVER do we hear upon their propaganda pages, that are sponsored by the Colonizers, the observation that for the Americanized Negro:  PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALIST HOPE FOR SALVATION THROUGH POLITICS is the common religion among the Poor Negro In America.


In Atlanta Blackstar you are likely to see:

  • The First People To Circumnavigate The Earth Were Africans
  • The 9 Great African Nations While Europeans Lived In Caves
  • Africans Were On North America Before Columbus
  • The Greatest Golden Artifacts Created In Africa That Was Stolen By The Romans
In summary their M.O. is to focus on the grandeur of the AFRICAN PAST.  "If Africa Was Not Molested By The White Man, Its Culture Not Stolen, We Would Be On Top Today".

We must pay close attention to the article at hand because they are ATTACKING A CULTURAL CHOICE MADE BY AFRICANS.

I have already told you that the content controllers at A.B.S.N.  are Secular Progressive Fundamentalists.  They use BLACKNESS to advance their SECULAR PROGRESSIVISM.  Period.  

With the cultural wars in America - they stand soundly with THE LEFTIST SECULARISTS.
When we slip up and start noting the grand differences between what the REAL AFRICANS of today believe with regard to culture and social standards - there is a massive gap between what they believe and what the "Colonizer's Field Agents In America' - believe, in alliance with their WHITE PROGRESSIVE FIENDS.
When the nation of Uganda chose to regulate male-female intimate relationships and pointed to ANCIENT AFRICAN CULTURE - Rachel Maddow - the White Progressive 'Sun God' for the Negro Progressives In America - found 3 WHITE AMERICAN EVANGELISTS who went to Uganda to trick the Blacks into publishing an 'Anti-Gay Legislation".

Not only are we to assume that 3 WHITE AMERICANS are SUPERIOR to the national thoughts of millions of Black Africans, when it came to the consideration of the legislative process and deliberations of a sovereign nation - Maddow and her Negro Colonial Field Agents made the case that HOMOSEXUALITY is the primary consideration to judge such "Backward nations" by.

It is critical that you understand - when it comes to Black Progressive Confidence Men like "A.B.S.N." - PROGRESSIVISM TRUMPS BLACKNESS!!!

Their goal is to COLONIZED BLACK PEOPLE WITH PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALISM, so that any present opposition to its tenants are slowly chipped away due to the streaming propaganda that they have been provisioned to offer up to the unsuspecting Negro. 

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