Thursday, January 07, 2016

Fraud And Hokum's Journal: "Philly Progressives Rising (At The Expense Of Black Upward Thrust)" Says They Stand Against Sending A Young Black Male To The 'Prison Industrial Complex' For Stealing A $500 Hoverboard, Allowing The White 'For Profit Prisons' To Make $75,000 Profit Off Of Incarcerating A Black Youth

In The Matter Of The Black Victims Who Suffered A Physical Assault As Their Hoverboards Were Stolen In West Philly

1) The Black Teen Victims Have Suffered Mental Terror

2) The Black Adults And Their Children Who Live In The Community Had Their Sense Of Safety Taken Away

3) The Kid Who Was Punched In The Face And Then Had His Hoverboard Stolen Suffered Physical Injuries

We Demand That People Look At The Larger Fiscal And Spiritual And Cosmic Impact And Choose To Make A Clean Break From The Framework That The White Right Wing Oppressors Who Intended Black People To Be In Bondage Handed To Us

  • Hoverboard - $350
  • iPhone $600
  • Backpack $125
$1,075 In Material Losses
BUT WHAT DOES THE PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX COST - Since White Conservatives Always Want To Focus On FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY Just Before They Perform Massive Layoffs And Send Our Jobs Over To China Where The Can Exploit Another Set Of People Of Color Because We Blacks Are Now Unionized And Progressive And Are Fighting Back How Much Does The State Of Pennsylvania Spend Per Day Locking Up One Black Male In Their 'Youth Detention Center'?

$362 Per Day

The True Costs To Society For The Punishment Of The Philadelphia Rec Center Hoverboard Robbery 

  1. 2 BLACK YOUTH - Who Were Denied Social Justice In This Racist White Right Wing Nation
  2. 2 Year Sentence In The Youth Detention Center
  3. The Cost Of Their Loss Of Educational Opportunity

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