Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Fighting Vicariously Through Barack Obama: After Drawing In Progressive Fundamentalist For The 2009 "MuslimPeace Tour" Which Centered Upon The Fight Against "Israeli Settlements", Today Most Of These Muslim Nations Sit In Ruins While The Progressive Fundamentalist History Will Record 'Obama's Show Of Strength Against Israel"

The "Colonizer's Box Car".
An idea I have been thinking about and developing all weekend long.
The power of a confidence man to control the thoughts and actions within a fixed space.
Yet the larger global space that resides outside of this domain provides the fixed coordinates that can't be manipulated.   The job of the individuals that value their Conscious Sovereignty is to learn how to navigate based upon these fixed waypoints.


Indeed it is true that the "Colonizer Earns The Right To Write The Presiding Version Of History That Is Taught Within His Colonized Lands, To His Colonial Subjects".

The PBS "Frontline" episode entitled "Netanyahu At War" is a "must see" episode because it provides a lot of details behind the relationship between the United States and Israel - from the vantagepoint of the relationships with the respective leaders of both nation states.

The "left-right' dogma that this blog exposes as having trumped BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS (despite fronting otherwise) carries over to define the ideology of various Israeli leaders over time and the relationship that they had with the primary backer of Israel - the United States government.

I had forgotten that to Bill Clinton, Bebe Netanyahu was a rock in his shoe, working to undermine the "Oslo Accord", the agreement between the PLO and the Israeli government.

Funny enough, after Clinton had pounded against Netanyahu's intransigence and Netanyahu's subsequent election loss, it was Yasser Arafat, setting with a leftist Israeli Prime Minister as a partner for peace who refused the deal.  (Saying correctly:  "If I sign this deal you would soon be walking behind my casket" in reference to how the hard liners in his camp would kill him for making peace with the enemy, just as Sharron was killed by an Israeli hard liner)

This series of events in which a Progressive American president saw the need to lean hard against a right-wing leader of Israel in order to bring peace to the region is a pothole that President Obama would step in some time in the future, his ideological bigotry entrapping him just the same.

2009 - President Obama kicks off his administration's foreign
policy by traveling to the Middle East to speak to several
Muslim nations, attempting to reset the relationship, selling the
United States Of America as a NEUTRAL BROKER in their
quest for peace......................AGAINST ISRAEL.
Obama centers upon the conflict over ISRAELI SETTLEME
and gets roaring applause from the audience.

Obama - A Man Trapped In His Own Ideological View Of The World

Do you think that any "credible" news agency (from the vantage point of the left) that scrutinizes the legacy of the Obama Administration will ever go back in time and focus on how Barack Obama held up the infraction of  "The Israeli Housing Settlements In Occupied Territory" as the greatest bone of contention that blocked PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST?

Yes it is true that in the conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis that the subject of the settlements (and the resulting violent conflicts ) is an important matter.   Indeed Barack Obama is a student of "Democracy Now", the progressive history log.

The most ironic picture to be extracted from the PBS Frontline episode is the number of leaders in the region that President Obama broke bread with, who are now out of power or imprisoned  by their people as   oppressive dictators.

The real problem is not "Barack Obama" but his minions.

The Progressive Fundamentalists are always gunning for a fight with the amorphous RIGHT WING IN AMERICA.   With this consciousness - once they find a politician who knows how they think and can compel them into a fight, after he successfully frames everything into the AMERICAN "Left / Right Dogma" - the key loss is their SENSIBILITIES about the larger picture.

While the "Israeli Settlements" remain intact as the left focuses on the imbalance of death between Israel (soldiers) and the Palestinian civilians - tens of thousands of Muslims have been killed since Obama did his grand tour of the region back in 2009 and millions have exited their land seeking shelter in other regions.

IF YOU THINK that academic intellectuals are going to write a postscript of this time that we watched with our own eyes, in which they conclude that ISRAELI SETTLEMENTS, while important to the "Democracy Now" crowd WERE NOT RELEVANT, that there were many other substantive structural problems that were exposed in these various Muslim nations in the region.  In fact President Obama and those who fought vicariously through him WERE WRONG, as they were informed by marginal issues important to the leftists, but as this region unraveled, Obama did not need to place US troops into the occupied territory to bring peace, but ended up bombing several Muslim nations, while saving face with his left wing congregation that NO AMERICAN BOOTS WERE PUT ON THE GROUND (unlike "Stupid Bush")

  • Syria - American Bombings With The Intent To Topple The Sovereign Government
    • Russia Extends The "Cold War" Template Into Syria
  • Yemen - American Proxy War
  • Egypt - Refused To Label A "Coup" In Order To Retain Military Aid
  • Libya - A Coup That Toppled  The Government
    • Weapons From Toppled Government Libya Trigger Violent Conflict In Chad, Niger, Mali
  • Saudi Arabia And Iran Conflict
  • Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia Migrant Crisis And Humanitarian Disaster 

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