Monday, January 04, 2016

Dishonest Negro Legislators On Stage Talking About "Racist Police Under Their Command" - When The Universe Bends Around To Produce A Potential Self-Indictment They Are Free To Change The Terms Of Their Pursuit For "Justice And Diversity"

C-SPAN Video - Race Relations And Police Accountability


With the abundant truth before them but with their intent upon retaining the POPULAR WILL, the Negro Politician - even in Baltimore - is going to look past all of the DEAD BLACK BODIES that the ecology that she represents produces and find fault in THE POLICE and their DISRESPECT for her community and constituents.    SMDH!!


When my DVR recorded this showing of the video above it captured the ending 10 minutes of a debate from the UK entitled: "

British Youth Parliament Debate on Public Transportation"

I have stated many times before that the best way to foil most of the attempts at making Europe/the UK into the "Promised Land For Social Justice" (that we Americans are sold upon) is to tune into C-SPAN and actually listen to the issues that they are debating over there.

In this case the question of school bus service being provided to various types of students (public school students, students with subsidized transportation, private school students, etc) had the classic issues of CLASS (wealth and poverty) but lacked the points that America clouds these issues with:  THAT OF RACE!!!

When the "All White Jury" Of Black Progressive Elected Officials came on the television - the point that was missing between their dialogue and that of the UK could not be more abundant.

"Race" was made front and center but the DELIBERATIONS were gone as we had a panel of Negro operatives, all with their own vantage point of Racial Oppression By The Police.

Once the first guest who represents the City Of Baltimore in the State Legislature got to talking about the need for the police force in Baltimore to reflect the CITIZENRY - but she used RESIDENCY (inside of the city) BUT NOT RACE - all but the most suspecting of us who were listening to her were dutifully tricked by her slight of hand.

Worse than the notion that she might only be deemed electable by a constituency with a particular set of traits is the fact that these out of town Baltimore Police officers might be practicing what responsible chefs and cooks come to see:  "I WOULD NEVER BRING MY OWN FAMILY TO EAT AT THIS RESTAURANT BECAUSE I SEE FIRST HAND WHAT GOES ON IN THE KITCHEN".

I recall having a detailed discussion with my cousin from Chicago who retired as a City Of Chicago employee for many years.  When the city believed that he had violated the Chicago employee residency requirements - they sent the Gestapo to sit outside of his residence early in the morning in order to affirm that he indeed was exiting the property that is listed in his employee file.

Just think about it - high quality school systems have a problem with non-residents using the addresses of aunts or uncles or grandparents in order to gain access to the school system.  When the school system in question retaliates - this is condemned as oppressive and heavy handed.   But when Chicago and other cities enforce their own residency requirements for employees, even though some employees complain about being limited, you don't see the same condemnation among the ideological operatives.

If you keep listening to their on stage diatribe you will hear one fundamental base of perversion:

They are fully comfortable talking about the city employees called "Police Officers" in terms of:

  1. Psychological Evaluations
  2. Fitness For Duty
  3. The Need For More Training
  4. More Regulation To Enforce Discipline And Meet Out Stiffer Punishments
BUT if someone DARED speak in these same terms regarding the BLACK MALE YOUTH in the city, specifically the 15% or so that make up 85% of the criminal activity in the city this person would be speaking out of turn in the "All White Jury" Of Black Progressive Fundamentalists.

PERVERSION INDEED.  (Thank goodness that with the 'Obama My Brother's Keeper Program' all of these attributes are going to be instilled, all without stepping on anyone's toes.   :-/  )

How The Foot Soldiers In The Progressive Fundamentalist Struggle Motion Hand Off To The Progressive Political Establishment For YARDAGE At The Expense Of Black Community Development

NOTE:  I am still struggling on how to best depict the OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE that the Negro Confidence Man Elected Official has to play in that:

  1. They ARE the establishment power who make the policies that the Police (the foreign oppressors of the Black Community) operate with
  2. They REPRESENT the grievances of the Black Lumpen Proletariat 

They have to pretend that THE POLICE FORCES are some ROGUE AGENTS within their midst who keep foiling their attempts to bring forth SOCIAL JUSTICE to the people, protecting the masses from POLICE OPPRESSION, and of course, they need another term with more 'Progressive Public Policy ideas' before they can choke the police demon into submission.

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