Thursday, January 07, 2016

Dear White Police Officers - Please Learn To Leverage Your Command Staff To Make The Decisions On Escalating Confrontations With Black People If And When There Is Not A Threatening Or Acute Crisis Which Prevent Delgation

A 57 year old woman is discharged from the Calhoun Liberty Hospital in Blountstown Florida.
She believes that there is something still wrong with her and refuses to leave the property.

A local police officer is called to the scene to remove her from the premises.  When she refuses he charges her with trespassing and attempts to apprehend her.

In the process of evicting her from the hospital grounds he removes the oxygen mask from her face, with the belief that she is making excuses to resist arrest.

After she is pulled outside  she collapses against the wall, with the officer still commenting as if she is faking.

The hospital staff are called to provide medical assistance after 18 minutes.
She is readmitted into the hospital where she later dies.

The death was caused by a blood clot in her lungs - the source of her arrested breathing and subsequent blockage of oxygen to her body.


I personally am not a fan of the "Selective Agitators" who are able to walk past many dead Black bodies until they find a scenario where they can claim "Injustice".

I am, however, forced to begrudgingly admit - right or wrong - that the pressure placed upon the police and the liabilities that are flowing is going to cause more of them to turn what might have previously been an aggressive encounter handled by one or two officers whose actions escalated a minor conflict, into a decision that a COMMANDER - who has more insight of the balance between the need to enforce the law and the PROCESS - which if not followed exposes the department to million dollar liability payouts.

MY VERDICT - The Officer, Upon Hearing A Patient Complaining About Breathing Difficulty Should Have Called A Ranking Officer To Make A Decision AND Conferred With The Lead Physician On The Hospital Staff To Confirm That Removing The Oxygen And Taking Barbara Dawson Into Custody As She Is Refusing To Leave Would Not Produce The Results That We Have - OR AT LEAST DELIBERATELY MINIMIZE THE CHANCES OF THEM OCCURRING.

No one benefits from an environment in which the police, so fearful of suffering personal criminal liabilities are averse to placing themselves into a situation that is intrinsically part of their job - including active shooter situations.

At the same time there are certain unforced errors caused from the absence of or failure to follow either definitive policy and procedures OR common notions of due diligence, civility and caution that give life to the activism that attempts to pile on.

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