Friday, January 22, 2016

Americanized Rapper Mos Def Learns The Hard Way That The Sovereign State Of South Africa Does Not Accept Bogus Travel Documents

Mos Def - A Few Years Ago:  I Am Leaving This  Oppressive Nation Called America

Mos Def  - Today:  Don't Party In South Africa

The Father Of The "WRFG Fake Hip Hop Radicals"

“I’m just being real. It does something to me: the whole s—, Yemen, Iraq, Baltimore, on and on. This is not some isolated moment in history: this is a continuum of something that’s completely wack to begin with. I’m critical of all of the governments around the world, and the corporations. With that being said, my country is called ‘earth.’ This whole thing belongs to everybody that’s on it. And if there’s anything I can do with my career, it’s hopefully to encourage the generations around me, and after me, to have that worldview.”

  • Iraq  - YES American Aggression That Was Protested Again
  • Baltimore - ????  Really?   The People Who VOTED The Establishment Power Into Power In Baltimore Followed Your Lead As Voiced On "Real Time With Bill Maher"
  • Yemen - THIS IS THE ANSWER - 
    • NO ANTI-WAR PROTESTS In America Despite The Fact That The INTERNATIONAL NEWS Showed Tens Of Thousands Of People Originally From "The Horn Of Africa", Exiting Yemen As US-backed Saudi Air Strikes Rained Upon Their Nation
    • The BLACK LIVES MATTER Movement In The USA Drew The ANTI-WAR Spirit Away From The US White House And Its Occupant And Down Toward The Municipal Governments Where These Other GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS WHO KILLED PEOPLE OF COLOR Were Protested Against

  • Many Died Exiting The Horn Of Africa For Yemen
  • Many Died In Migrant Camps Inside Of Yemen
  • Many Died During Saudi Airstrikes Upon Yemen
  • Many Died Exiting Yemen, Returning To The Horn Of Africa

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