Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Black Progressive Historical Preservation Society Reluctantly Agree: IF America Did Not Have A 'Slavery Era' And A 'Social/Economic Apartheid Era', But Instead Immediately Accepted The Negro Into The Union As A 100% Human And Citizen - It Simply Would Have Meant That 'Black Capitalistic Stage Performers' Would Have Been Selling Their Wares 200 Years Earlier To A Diverse Group Of Consumers

The NBA Did A Full Day Of Programming On Christmas Day.

Even though the most storied subject was: "The NBA Teams With Anti-Gun Violence Group" to advocate for an end to gun violence - THE MORE SUBSTANTIVE problem that we should be talking about is the rote CONSUMERIZATION that these wealthy Black athletes are facilitating.

This State Farm commercial was tame compared to the various expensive shoe and garment commercials that the powers that be indoctrinated us with.

I DON'T GIVE A DAMN that a "Black Face" in trying indoctrinate me in order to sell me something that is over-priced and unnecessary for my needs.

The fact that some Negroes see PROGRESS in the BLACK FACE, and are disarmed from their normal skepticism about the agenda of these capitalistic entities shows that the "Negro Market Research is CORRECT":

The Colonized Blacks In America ONLY WANT TO GET CUT IN ON THE DEAL THAT USED TO BE EXCLUSIVELY RESERVED FOR WHITE FOLKS.    Then they will operate upon their "100% Equality" that was always present and not condemn THEIR capitalism.

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