Tuesday, December 08, 2015

SBPDL 180 - Right Black At Cha: While Admittedly The 3 People Shot In Cherokee County Disrupted Our "Racial / Crime Map" Because It Was A Carload Of Black Street Pirates Who Did The Shooting, We Restored Our Faith In Our Map By Heading Down To Henry County Where A Political Candidate Is On Trial For Murdering A White Kid In Their Custody


We Were Ultimately Proven Wrong About Our Assumption That The 3 People Who Were Shot In Cherokee County Were Involved In A "Confederate On White" Crime After We Saw A Picture Of The 2 Defendants.

But As We Headed Down To Henry County We Found A Sufficient Replacement
Cherokee County Georgia Under Normal Circumstances When You Hear "3 People Were Shot In Cherokee County Georgia" It Is Safe To Assume That They Were White And The Shooter Was Also White

As Evidence Mounts That "America Is Slipping Away From STUFF BLACK PEOPLE DON'T LIKE" - Their Dream Of A 'Lily White Nation' Where The Negro Knows His Place Is Slipping Away As They Are No Longer Allowed TO Put The Negro In His Place Without Suffering Reprocussions From The Government

Henry County Georgia We REFUSE To Apologize To SBPDL For Stereotyping Them Because There Is An Abundant Amount Of Evidence That Affirms The Stereotype Of Their Ignorant Stereotyping

(Our Deepest Sympathies Go Out To Those WHO ACTUALLY LOVED 2 Year Old Laila Marie Danie)

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