Monday, December 07, 2015

In Response To The Recent Homicides In Philly Filled Negro Deflects, Saying "We Will Not Fall Pray To The White Republicans' Hatred Toward Muslims Or Blacks"

Decomposing Body Found In Southwest Philly
The Latest Crime Scene Is A Short Walking Distance Away From Many Other 'Freshly Killed Bodies' That Were Created From Recent Homicides But Thankfully The Body Was Found By The Police Before Decomposition 
The Philadelphia NAACP Leadership Suggests That If 'Germantown' Was Renamed Into 'Kemetown', The Increase In Black Progressive Pride Would Have An Effect On Crime Rates
Activists Against The New Temple University Football Stadium In North Philly Shift Strategy And Offer To Support It IF THE Temple University Police Are Mandated To Provide Police Protection For The Whole Of North Philly
Filled Negro Says:

The man who got a cap busted in his knee will heal from his wounds but it will take far more Progressive election victories for him to overcome Slavery and Right-wing Racism that attacks his soul.
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