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Fraud And Hokum's Journal: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Chides Her Good Friend Justice Scalia: "The Negro In America Does Not Mind Being Seen As Inferior ------------------As Long As You Attribute His Inferiority To 'The Legacy Of White Supremacy' And Align Your Judicial Philosophy To Defend The 'Progressive Public Policy' That Does More To Colonize The Negro Than To Make Them Competent"

WHEN A WHITE LIBERAL AFFIRMS "BLACK INFERIORITY" IN LAW SCHOOL - BUT HAS THE INSIGHT TO NOT OFFEND THE NEGRO WHYY Radio Times:  A New Report Says That Law Schools Have Lowered Their Admissions Standards In Response To The Economic Downturn In Which Their Total Freshman Applications Have Plummeted

The guests agreed that the standards have fallen and should be raised AND they also focused on "Minority Students" and how they would be impacted.
He is able to pen a more coherent narrative affirming BLACK INFERIORITY in her rulings than MOST BLACK QUASI-SOCIALIST PROGRESSIVE-FUNDAMENTALIST RACISM CHASERS are able to manage.


Source: Within The Black Community Blog - June 2010

What Does The Black Establishment Like About Ruth and John Paul?

From where I stand we can only achieve complete understanding of the strategic consequences of our prevailing choices by making a dispassionate analysis of both sides of an issue and not just adherence to that which is must ideologically comfortable to our prevailing consciousness.   Today we hear the same people who have erected the "Black solutions" that are in power today soliciting for "more solutions" to address the problems that continue.   Many are oblivious to the fact that they are standing below the "Mission Accomplished" banner that they have personally hoisted up just prior to the victory party that they sponsored.

As I understand their preferences for "Liberal Judges" the claim is that they protect Blacks' access to OPPORTUNITY.  They tear down admissions or promotions policies that have "disparate impact" upon minority candidates.  I frequently point to Ruth Bader Ginsburg's inclusion of the term "disparate impact" in the "Ricci vs New Haven Fire Dept" case a few years ago.  In doing so she pointed to the case against Duke Energy in which a change in promotion standards requiring that all who seek promotion to supervisor have a high school diploma as bringing forth a "disparate impact" against Black employees.   While 12% of the Blacks had (high school) diplomas 32% of the White had one.  To the court from the early 70's and later Justice Ginsberg this was a logical protection against workplace discrimination in promotions.

This ruling, however, requires Black Americans to strip away our own index regarding the valuation of a high school diploma versus a person who has dropped out.  All the while we are telling our youth of the importance of a diploma for moving ahead we support a decision that ultimately undercuts our own position.  When these two points are reconciled we must conclude that Black people are keeping two sets of books.  One for our public stance against the "White Establishment Powers" in which we seek to have the lowest common denominator of standards that afford the maximum number of Blacks candidates within.  A second set of books that we use on the inside as we attempt to motivate our people to strive higher.

It is my opinion that Progressive judges like Ginsburg and Stevens in their arguments for the benefit of Blacks in this regard also transact in the "Inferiority of Black people".  I am serious when I say that after reading Judge Ginsburg's writings that she is far more articulate about "Black Inferiority" than are the average Civil Rights operative transacting upon it in common discourse.     Such a pathway is permissible as long as we check our racial dignity at the door.  It is one thing to make use of this notation against overt and malicious forms of racism.  When the inferior position of Blacks are used as the "go to" argument right off of the bat in every competition between Black and White in academics, contracting and employment is quite disturbing.

The Lack Of Organic Competency Development

The flaw of the legislative strategy of "Transaction of Inferiority" comes to light in areas where the competition between Black and White subside because the adversaries to the Black and Progressive Establishment has departed and Progressivism stands, near exclusively, as the winner.

For the duration that the push toward "access to opportunity" was being advanced, the important consideration of robustness and sufficiency and balance of the eco-system within which these competing forces were contained is too often demoted in importance.   Too often RACE and RACISM is promoted as the primary forces bearing down upon a given arrangement of people.  In truth there is also economic ideology and governance of resources that are factored in with racial / class advantage that determine the ends that we see.

I have little confidence that Ginsburg and Stevens (and Marshall for that matter) would ever reach the point in their judicial findings where they can conclude that "The Least Of These Are Now Able To Stand On Their Own Without The Weight Of My Thumb".  They will always promote their mission as "protecting the interests of the little guy".  It is no fault of theirs that the Black community will always take this form, regardless of our population size or representation within the political power establishment.

In essence then I am arguing that these liberal judges are not "the problem" per se.  It is the void of an effective engine for propulsion for the Black Community's interests that is the predominate problem.  With this void Ginsburg and Stevens and Sotomayor will continue to have a "little guy who is Black" to render their protection racket upon. 

The mistake would be for our community to depend upon the presence of these liberal judges that put their weight in our favor as the main source of propulsion.   Even when we are all alone by ourselves, having one every single office of power that was once cast against our interests - this condition will be seen too as DISCRIMINATION.   We have been "abandoned" even though this is what we have struggled for.

I do not hold up Justice Clarence Thomas as a great leader of "Civil Rights" worthy of his own memorial in Washington DC.   What I can credit Thomas for is the audacity to believe that 'Black people are now equal under the law'.   This notion is quite disturbing to operatives that transact upon the damaged state of Black people.  Their hope being that a favorable judge will provide the extra push to turn things in our favor.   This strategy fails to prepare us for the day when our community's ability to govern all of the resources within in order to produce the abundance and well-balanced human beings that derive from this eco-system.

In summary there is no "good guy" / "bad guy" between a conservative judge or a liberal judge at this point in time in America.  There is only a bundle of consequences and favor that are associated with each of these two strategies. 

In as much as the Black community of 2010 is totally dominated by one of these two bundles of theory this fact should cause those of us who are looking for solutions rather than ideological entrenchment to conduct greater scrutiny upon the one that is embedded at present rather than the one we dislike the most.
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