Thursday, December 24, 2015

Fraud And Hokum's Journal: Atlanta Journal Constitution Editorial Cartoonist Says That His Ban On 'African-American Monkey Imagery' Will Be Retained Beyond Obama's Tenure. His Actual Application Of This Offense Image Will Depend On If The Republicans Get Into Power

The Former Saw That The National Institutions Were Corrupt Based Upon Racial Exploitation So He Used His Moral Authority To Point Out The Contradictions

The Later Saw The Need To Molest 'Black Community Human Resource Development Institutions' In Order To Facilitate Progressive Fundamentalist Imperialism, Setting A New 'Moral Compass' For Black Americans Because He Had A Strong Magnet Of  Propaganda

The White Liberal Respects The Sensitivities Of Black Americans - BECAUSE They Are A Rock Solid Progressive Fundamentalist Constituency So Why Upset A Negro And Cause Him To Stop Investing His Valuables? NPR Interview With Mike Luckovich:  Why I Refuse To Make Use Of Black Monkey Imagery

The White Liberal SEES THE WHITE RIGHT WING ENEMY AS 100% EQUAL To His Own Kind So In Using The Same Images That He Has Banned For Use Against The Negro On His Team - HIS TEAM WINS When These Images Are Used Against A White Enemy.  Besides THE WHITE PROGRESSIVE Knows That The FELLOW WHITE Can "Take It" Without Suffering 'Cosmic Injury', Unlike The Lowly Negro
Progressive Fundamentalist Editorial Cartoonist Ann Telnaes:  "If Caitlyn Jenner Can Be The WOMAN OF THE YEAR, Then This Editorial Cartoon Depicting A  White Republican's Children As Monkeys Will Make Me 'Essence Magazine's Black Woman Of The Year" 

Upon Seeing White Right Wing Republican Ted Cruz Using His Children In A Political Campaign A White Progressive Media Operative Believed That It Was Fair Game To Depict Them As Little Performing Monkeys BECAUSE THEY ARE WHITE

For The White Liberal And Black Liberal Alike - AS LONG AS A NEGRO WITH POWER Produces For PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALISM - Their Black Children Are Protected By A Progressive Fundamentalist Force Field:  FAUX OFFENDEDNESS 
The "Rest Of World Black Diaspora Against Colonized Americanized Blacks":

We Thought That The First Order Of Business For The Black Americans In Petitioning Their Black President When He Took Power Was For Them To Demand A MISSILE DEFENSE SHIELD UPON AFRICA.  Boy Were We Wrong.

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