Thursday, December 24, 2015

Franklin Graham - A White Political Christian Preacher - Leaves The GOP

Silly me.

When I read the headline about Franklin Graham splitting with the Republican Party I was foolish enough to believe that he did so because he say the light and now understood that  the AMERICAN CAPITALISTIC POLITICAL SYSTEM is the greatest 'Non-Violent Colonizer" ever created by man.


Franklin Graham does not agree with the most recent budget deal brokered between Democrats and Republicans because it retains funding for 'Planned Parenthood'.   As a result of the GOP not fighting this measure - he is splitting.


  • The Right-wing Political Operatives argue "Keep your government off of my economic freedoms"
  • The Left-wing Political Operatives argue "Keep your government off of my personal freedoms that might offend you with my lifestyle choices"
They both are as myopic as the other.
They both are unwilling to yield the "Imperialism / Nationalism" of their cause, down to LOCAL AUTHORITY, allowing people to setup the local environments to their own liking but ALSO live with the consequences as well as the benefits.

I break ranks with "Political Conservatives" on the issue of Abortion.
Though (of course) abortion destroys the life of a potential human being, I don't believe that the government should have a role in this intimate situation..............nor should it fund it.

This is a matter of CULTURE and RELIGION.
Absent a PURPOSE in the relationship between man and woman - the child that is created as a result of their "exchange in body fluid" is subject to such a fatal choice.

At the same time when a child is a manifestation of their desire to perpetuate their family tradition and genetic 'seed' then, as with the birth of a new prince or princess - this child will be seen as the completion of a certain task.

It is foolish for the so called 'Christian Evangelical' to believe that by passing laws that ban abortion that they will address the core issue - outlined above.   I don't care what malicious intent their "blood thirsty" Progressive opposition has in mind with regard to facilitating abortions - absent the promotion of a PURPOSE for the child and restoring the SANCTITY of intimate relationships between man and women, all of their legislative acts will remain frivolous.  

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