Friday, November 27, 2015

The Colonizer's Little Black Book: In The Wake Of 8,000 US-Allied Bombing Missions In Syria/Iraq Progressive Muslim Rep Keith Ellison Goes On MSNBC And Tells Their Progressive Fundamentalist Congregation That REPUBLICAN DONALD TRUMP'S RHETORIC Is Going To Get People Killed

8000 Bombing Runs - No Anti-War Protests In America Questioning If All Of The People Who Were Killed Were "TERRORISTS"

The Russians Used To Have To Fly 8000 Miles To Avoid European Airspace In Order To Bomb Syria And Kill "Terrorists".  Today They Have A Russian Warship Off The Coast Of Libya To Bombard The Sovereign Nation Of Syria With Bombs.  The Europeans Protested The Russians Violating Their Airspace

AUGUST 2015: The Original Plan Was For The US Government To Bring In 8,000 Refugees From Syria Until Research Analytics Informed Them That They Needed To Round Up That Number To 10,000 In Order To Maximize The Force In The Fight Between The AMERICAN PROGRESSIVES That Used This Number To Call Their Right Wing Enemies "Christian Hypocrites" For Refusing "Jesus" During His Time Of Need And For The Right Wingers To Proclaim That If 10,000 Are Let In Then This Will One Day Become A Seed For The Other 19 Million Syrians To Come To America Because The US-Allied Bombings Have Destroyed What ISIS Did Not Destroy

House Progressive Caucus Member Rep Keith Ellison - Democrat From Minnesota 

My Respect Grows For Chris Hayes Because He "GET'S IT" When It Comes To What The Negro Wants To Hear

A SECOND NEGRO CONFIDENCE MAN GETS EXPOSED IN THE US CONGRESS #2:  Keith Ellison - All Along You Thought That He Had Been Opposed To 'Water Boarding' Of Islamic 'Terror Suspects'.  It Turns Out He Was Only Concerned With American Boots On The Ground Getting Killed - And Now Likes The More Efficient Air Bombing Campaigns Thanks To The More Efficient 'Halliburton Bombs' That Were Resold Under The Label "Humanitarian Mission"

#1:  Rep Alcee Hastings:  "WE MUST STAND WITH LIBYA" Because Any Anti-War Protests Against Obama Will Derail The US Domestic Progressive Agenda Because Progressives Would Be Force To Choose Principles Over Pragmatism 

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