Sunday, November 15, 2015

If I Expose The Logic Of The "Black Progressive Woman's Black Voter Alliance" Member "Hinterland Gazette" AND Expose The Logic Of The Black Woman Who Attacked Hillary AS BOTH Fraudulent Would You Begin To See Through Their Agenda?

Sista Soulja Attacks Hillary Clinton - The Vessel Who Will Receive "98% Of The BLACK AMERICAN HOPE FOR SALVATION" And 92% Of The Black Vote 

Sista Soulja Remembers Candidate Bill Clinton Going After Her And Now Returns The Favor As His Wife Seeks The Same Office 
The Black Progressive Feminists At "Hinterland Gazette" Are Quite Disturbed To Hear Hillary Clinton Referred To In "Slave Master's Wife" Term.
HINTERLAND GAZETTE SAYS THAT "SISTA SOULJA" IS THE ONE WITH A "SLAVE MENTALITY"  (Did You See The License Plate Of That Train That Just Rain Through Your Living Room?")

Hinterland Gazette SEES That IF THEY DO NOT CONTROL THE APPROPRIATION OF THE 'SLAVE MEME",  Allowing It To Be Assigned To The Democrat Hillary Clinton - THIS  WILL HAVE A NEGATIVE IMPACT ON THE ABILITY OF THE PROGRESSIVES To "Harvest The Valuables From The Colonized Negro" Because SLAVER REFERENCES Must Be Reserved For The IDEOLOGICAL ENEMIES OF PROGRESSIVISM And NEVER Be Assigned En Masse To White People.

The WORST Thing For The "Post Racial Progressive Fundamentalists Is To Have "WHITE PEOPLE AS THE TARGET OF THEIR STRUGGLE". The Struggle Is Against An IDEOLOGY And PARTY - Dressed Up Into A "Racial Package" In Order To Allow Progressive Fundamentalism To Have Unchecked Access To The Negro's "Mental Mineral Wealth"
Constructive Feedback University Exposes The Intellectual STD Propagated By Sista Souljan AND Hinterland Gazette 
Both Sista Souljah And Hinterland Gazette Are Welcome To Rebut This Table Cell
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