Thursday, November 19, 2015

Fraud And Hokum's Journal: The Nation Of Islam Say That They Will Not Oppose The Murder Of HBCU Albany State In With A Local White University Because The New School Will Have A "Black Progressive Student's Union" And Will Respond With Force If Any White Students Offend Them

HBCU Albany State University Will Merge With Darton State University, While The New Majority White School Will Retain The Name "Albany State"
Source AJC:

The Civil Rights Pharisees Of Georgia Agree To The Merger With A White School As Long As:

  • The Name "Albany State" Is Retained
  • The New White Majority Don't Protest That Black People Will Continue Believing That It Is An "HBCU" 
  • That The "#Black Lives Matter - Campus Racism Contingent" Will Aggressively Patrol The Campus - Seeking Out Any Action Done By White Students That Is Racially Offensive

Sounds Like:

  • SW/NW Atlanta
  • North Philly
  • Anicostia
  • East Baltimore 
  • Camden
  • Wilmington DE
  • Newark
  • The Threats That Black Students Who Made It Out Face From White People 

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