Saturday, March 29, 2014

Filled Negro Says That He Is Less Offended By PHL Eagles DeSean Jackson & His Linkage To A Gang Member Who Is Tied To 2 Homicides Since 2010 Than He Is With The Fact That Riley Cooper Used The "N-Word" But Didn't Get Beat Down And That Washington Redskins QB RGIII Is Likely A Republican

There Is A Greater Intensity Of "Black People Killing" Gangs In Illinois,  New Jersey And California Than ANY Other "Confederate State" That Filled Negro And MSNBC Tend To Focus Upon In The Name Of Political Opportunism Against Their "Right-Wing" State Leadership


Regardless of GANG RELATED Or Not - There Are A Whole Lot Of "Ninjas Who Get Themselves Kilt" In "Mission Accomplished Cities" YET The Greatest Among Of Energy Among The People In These Places Is POLITICAL OPPORTUNISM Rather Than Strengthening NON-POLITICAL INSTITUTIONS In Order To Save Black Lives

Source - CDC

US Department Of Justice - Gang Center


CONCLUSION:  Gang Homicides Occur Most Frequently In "Mission Accomplished Cities" Where People Who Think Like Filled Negro Are Pleased With The POLITICAL ESTABLISHMENT In Power, Thus Proving That Their PROGRESSIVE POWER SCHEME Has NO DAMNED INTERESTS In Fielding A Community Management Scheme That DEVELOPS The Congregation That Supports Them Most Intensively

This Is Why 90% Of Filled Negro's Posts Work To Distract The Americanized Negro's Conscious Attention Toward His RIGHT-WING POLITICAL ENEMY Rather Than INWARD Toward The Management Of His Own Damned Community As An Investment For FUTURE PROSPERITY

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