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In Jamaica The Brutal Murder Of A Transgendered Male Threatens To Bring International Pressure For Reform From People Who Don't Give A Damn About The Other "Jamaican Ninjas Who Get Themselves Kilt"

AJC:   In Jamaica, Transgender Tenn Killed By Mob

Let me start off by saying:

  1. There is no justification for the murder or violent assault of someone who's lifestyle and/or beliefs are out of the mainstream - especially if this person is not himself a violent threat against the community
From The Article:

By age 16, the teenager was dead — beaten, stabbed, shot and run over by a car when he showed up at a street party dressed as a woman. His mistake: confiding to a friend that he was attending a "straight" party as a girl for the first time in his life.
"When I saw Dwayne's body, I started shaking and crying," said Khloe, one of three transgender friends who shared a derelict house with the teenager in the hills above the north coast city of Montego Bay. Like many transgender and gay people in Jamaica, Khloe wouldn't give a full name out of fear.

The news that a person was murdered in the island nation of Jamaica is not news.   This happens all of the time.  Jamaica has a serious crime and violence problem.

The PROMOTION of a person murdered in Jamaica BECAUSE he was a gay/transgendered person - in my view - IS NOT evidence of some greater sense of consciousness or empathy.   

Placed in the proper context it actually shows their contempt for the people and the larger issues within a given space that are otherwise not worthy for consideration.

A few years ago a gay man was beaten in the 'Pittsburgh Community' of Atlanta.  In a similar example - the news that someone got beaten up in "Pittsburgh" would not be news worthy.  I assure you that this is a frequent occurrence.  

The sight of various "Civil Rights" activists coming into this Pittsburgh Community to vow that this (gay beating) will never happen again - is yet another example of my belief that a certain ideology is not competent to fill the entire space that they have been afforded command over per their position.   

They achieve the same virtual effect - by cherry picking certain acts and then incessantly driving home an indictment - PLEASING the people by giving them a "purpose" to become active over.   The "Justice For Trayvon" movement is rooted in this same ideological perspective.

A Few Weeks Ago We Learned On NPR "Tell Me More" That Television Messages From American Right-Wing Evangelicals Are Responsible For The Anti-Gay Disposition In Jamaica - This Article Blames It On The 150 Year Old Anti-Sodomy Law

Advocates say much of the homophobia is fueled by a nearly 150-year-old anti-sodomy law that bans anal sex as well as by dancehall reggae performers who flaunt anti-gay themes. The island's main gay rights group estimated that two homosexual men were killed for their sexual orientation last year, and 36 were the victims of mob violence.

On my sister blog - "The 5/5t Equal Human Being Strategy Playbook" I have an article that I am finishing up on the subject of "Cultural Imperialism".

It is clear that certain people seek to press their ideological agenda at the expense of the larger set of issues that their point of activism is engulfed in.

IF cultural influences (from the American right-wing through religion) is responsible for the anti-gay sentiment - why is it that these enlightened "Cultural Imperialists" don't bother to impart their view as to the source of the general condition of violence in Jamaica?

The reason is easy to see.  While it is true that the prevailing cultural force that engulfs the country of Jamaica has failed to reduce the presence of violence among the people - the perceptions of the "poor and ignorant Jamaica" as lemming-like victims of right-wing religion conscription plays on the themes that we hear assigned to ALL "Black Diasporatic populations" - including those here in the United States.

The grand flaw is that there are more people "who care about these populations" who can tell you THE SOURCE of this threat (which suspiciously is always at the hands of their domestic enemies in the United States) are unable to erect a CULTURALLY BASED means of mitigating these acts of violence down to more reasonable levels that a civilized society would tolerate.

In 2012 - The Number Of Gay People Murdered Because Of Their Sexuality  The 2011 Murder Count In Jamaica 
Murder Count - First 4 Months Of The Past Several Years

Source: Jamaican Constable 

Authorities Report Murders Dropped To 2 A Day In Jamaica In 2012

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