Friday, July 26, 2013

The Civil Rights Pharisees Of Metro-Atlanta Plan To Perform Their Ritual Reenactment At The "Moores Ford Bridge -1946 & Pork Barbque Pic-A-Ninja Feast" This Weekend

  • Why Hasn't The "Moore's Ford Bridge Lynching Case Of 1946" Been Settled?  RACISM
  • Why Is It That State Rep Tyrone Brooks Been Indicted For Misappropriating Funds Collected For Literacy And Voter Registration Services For Poor Black?  RACISM At The Hands Of Federal Officials In The "Obama /Holder Justice Department" Who Don't Want The Real Killers From 1946 Found
  • Why Is It That The "Civil Rights Pharisees" Have Not Condemned A Confidence Man WHO TOOK THE MONEY?  BECAUSE He Has Been A Stalwart At FIGHTING RACISM And Getting Black People Registered In Georgia To Vote For Their Salvation

Ernie Suggs - Atlanta Journal Constitution
Without the "uncritical Black progressive journalist" that journalistically SLAPS THE CIVIL RIGHTS PHARISEES into the year 2013, forcing them go to go Southwest Atlanta rather than use their donated funds to drive 50 miles east into Walton County - the RITUALS of the 'Civil Rights Pharisees' will go unchecked.

They are more of a crowd pleaser than an earnest attempt at obtaining "justice".

The fault for this story lies with ERNIE SUGGS, not Rep Tyrone Brooks.

He framed the story as a matter of a "Black man so riveted by this lynching case (Just like Dr King was) that he has created enemies.

If Suggs wanted to do something to advance the interests of the Black people in Southwest Atlanta we would have NOT used the issue of the indictment of Brooks but instead focused on the high number of NINJAS WHO HAVE GOTTEN THEMSELVES KILT in Southwest Atlanta and challenged Rep Tyrone Brooks and Rep John Lewis to fight for the DEFENSE OF BLACK PEOPLE against Black Street Pirates just as they did against WHITE KLANSMEN.

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