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The White Liberal Ally - Some Type Of Friend You Are. When The Negro Needs GOVERNANCE You Help Him To "Vote For His Salvation"

This post is not about WHYY's Marty Moss-Coane.

In my world "Radio Times" is my distant check on the condition of my hometown of Philadelphia.  It provides a detailed narrative about the problems within the metro-Philadelphia region and those who are attempting to make a change - in their own little way.

In the recent US Supreme Court ruling, striking down Section IV of the "Voting Rights Act" it is my opinion that in the audio interview from "Radio Times" the group (of White liberals) FAILED to connect this event with the serial narrative that is projected from the Black community within "Mission Accomplished Cities" like Philadelphia.

As I listen to the various narratives surrounding "The Right To Vote" in today's political proxy fight - I am disturbed by the "Educated Ignorant" people who continue to hammer on the notion of 'VOTING' - while (unconsciously or fraudulently purposely) avoiding talking about THE CONDITION OF BLACK PEOPLE.

The standard line is to focus on the "Pre-VRA Black Condition" of disenfranchisement and how decades of voter suppression kept Black people in a marginalized, impoverished condition.

Rare is the application of the DARK MATTER ANALYSIS technique - in which we go to a city like Philadelphia and inspect the condition of the "Americanized Negro" after MISSION ACCOMPLISHMENT - his OPINIONS, channeled into the 'town square' via his VOTE, yet upon promoting the "Favorable People Into Power" to put forth "Progressive Public Policy" - the outcomes within the zone are not scrutinized by fellow progressives.  Instead they do a geo-spacial realignment:  retaining their assurance that their POLICY SET is just (or at least well intentioned), so, with this confidence they take the "Philadelphia Negro" on a march, having him fight for "Nationalized Social Justice" from a higher rung of government.

At its cruelest - such a "flimflam scheme" makes use of the "Americanized Negro" as a "Voting Wielding Useful Idiot" - his GRIEVANCES used as a mandate for this, the "Post-Racial Progressive Fundamentalist Struggle".

How The Impaneled White Progressive Academics "Missed It" On "The Voting Rights Act"

 When you listen to audio report above - play close attention to their hyper focus upon "VOTING" and "The Voting Rights Act"

  • "People DIED to get this passed"
  • "The Black American remembers what it was like BEFORE the VRA and they don't want to go back"
  • "I saw a student who was not registered to vote and I told him about how much his people struggled so that he might have the vote".


How Many Negroes Got "Kilt" In Philly Last Year For NO GOOD REASON?

At no time did Marty Mosso-Coane make an inference to THE CONDITION of the "Philadelphia Negro" and how (as she said) "The South has no monopoly on unscrupulous politics", instead applying her first hand observations into how the "Philadelphia Negro's" DEVELOPMENT is nullified by the "Vote For Your Salvation" scheme that is presently upon him.

Clip Art Retrieved From Doing A Google Image Search Of The Word "'Within The Black Community'  Philly"

Witness Intimidation 

Violence In Schools

The Murder Of Promising Young Black People

The Power Of The Embedded Confidence Men To SET THE AGENDA Of Outward Diversion And Thus Avoid Being Fired For Failing To Develop The Black Community

This Is "Obama's Community".

The Philadelphia Propaganda Murals To Make Black People Feel Good, When GOOD GOVERNANCE Is Not Available

(Note - This is the Northern version of "Remove The Confederate Oppressors From The Street Signs, Replacing them with OUR CIVIL RIGHTS HEROES so they will feel more COMMUNITY PRIDE and be motivated to stop killing each other.   A la Rev Joseph Lowery)

Black Community Landmarks, Repurposed By Korean Retails Who Are More Intune To Today's Black Consumer Demands

The Entrophy Of BLACK COMMUNITY CONSCIOUSNESS In My Old Neighborhood That Preceeded The Decline Of The Physical Plant

The Mayor Who Pleased The Crowd With Slick Handedness During The National Election Got His HAND BIT When They Won The Election Together And Now Are Back To The Local Intruamural Fight

DAMN, The Black News Papers In Philly Are Just As Corrupt As The Black News Papers In Atlanta.  Towing The Line Of The "Black Racial Services Machine" REFUSING To Stand Up For The Protection Of The VALUABLES Of The Black Rank & File

The Most Prized Picture Of Them All - "A Casual Conversation About The Condition Of The Black Community In West Philly" - Where Every Time I Talked About "THE CONDITION" After All Of These Years Of INVESTMENTS IN A STRATEGY - The "Philadelphia Negro" Kept Talking About The STATE REPUBLICANS
As If I Had 3 Virtual "Filled-Negros" All Telling Me About The "Republicans Who Control The Philadelphia Traffic Court".  Criminal Defense Attorney's Of "The Status Quo" Within West Philly

I don't think that the average "White Progressive Ally" fully understand the DAMAGE that has transpired within the Black community IN its ability to SELF-GOVERN, as a result of the "Voting For Your Salvation" scheme that has been fully marinated into the "Americanized Black Consciousness".

As I have listened to the well placed "Poison Pills" that are used to defend this scheme:

  • "Watch Him!!!  He wants us to lose confidence in VOTING so the Republicans can come back into power in Philly.  (I told you he was a clandestine Black Republican.  Why does he always talk about Democrats but not Black Republicans?) "
  • "They need to get Black people to lose confidence in BLACK LEADERSHIP and as a result undercut the hard fought battles that we have faced in getting OUR VOICES represented at the table".
Just as it is the case with the "Fayette County NAACP's" lawsuit to draft a "Majority Black District" for REPRESENTATION of "The Black Voter's CHOICE" - while the CONDITIONS in other "Mission Accomplished Zones" where the "NAACP Slate of Candidates" dominates are an ASSAULT upon Black people - this "Jedi Mind Trick" has the "unwary Negro" to begin to "FIGHT FOR HIS SEAT OF POWER" - rather than for the ACCOUTERMENTS of his "Permanent Interests"

  • Safe Streets
  • Quality Education
  • Thriving Local Economies
  • Healthy Lifestyles & Relationship Outcomes
  • All Expressed Through The Human Resource Development Institutions
  • To Develop Organic Competencies, For Structural Assistance To The "Real Least Of These" In The Diaspora

The problem that the "White Progressive Ally" faces is that he is contextually confined to the AMERICAN POLITICAL DOMAIN/ UNIVERSE.

All "Migration" / "Uplift" movements are rightfully done as "Political Struggle" and thus "The American Negro" has not used "Guerrilla Violence" to achieve his end.

(Per the Progressive view):

  • He has been a VICTIM of violence as others achieve their ends at his expense
  • He has expressed violent riotous outbursts over time as a result of systematic violence by the police 
  • TODAY he does transactional "Street Violence" because the society has him marginalized
Even as the "Philadelphia Negro" has, at least on paper in Philly, an assemblage of favorable politicians in power - he feels "ECONOMICALLY MARGINALIZED" in his own city.   This according to a University Of Pennsylvania Sociology professor, who was interviewed on "Radio Times" about 2 years ago.

With the fact of this POLITICAL success at hand, yet the "Philadelphia Negro" has not experienced ORGANIC DEVELOPMENT, despite the "election night" fireworks - why didn't Marty Moss-Coane or any other White progressive attempt to do deeper analysis?


Though This One Flew Over Many People's Heads,
VOTES Among The West Philadelphia Negro.
While THEY Argued - "The Black Voter KNOWS
- The Fox And The Wolf Saw
That Even In Desperate Poverty, Failing Schools, And
Violence - The Negro Is Inclined To 'Stay The Course',
Aligning His HOPES With Those Who Tell Him What He
Wants To Hear.   As The WOLF Charged That The
Zero Votes For "Their Guy" Was Evidence Of VOTER
FRAUD - The Cheshire Fox Ally Said "PROVE IT",
"This Is Why The Negro DOES NOT VOTE FOR YOU -
You Are Always Insulting HIS INTEGRITY" 

NEITHER The Fox Or The Wolf GIVE A DAMN About The
BUT If The Embedded Black Fox Confidence Men Want
To Offer Up The Black Community's VALUABLES
Into The "Malcolm X Political Football Game" With The
Who AFFIRMS Him Will Receive This Bounty.
The One Who OFFENDS THE NEGRO Will Motivate

Which His Assets Of "TIME AND ATTENTION"
Is Applied To The GOVERNANCE Of His
Community Assets.

In the context of the battle between the White Progressive and the White Conservative - THIS is what the "Americanized Negro" in West Philly was reduced to.

In the "Land Of Oz" in West Philly, where the Republican Presidential candidate came to a charter school in a poor community to do a photo-op he was rebuffed by an angry crowd saying "This Is Obama's Community!!!   What Are You Doing Here?  IF YOU WANT TO SEE REAL POVERTY - COME OUT OF THAT SCHOOL AND TAKE A WALK WITH ME".

There is no greater display of CONSUMERISM and the ecologically co-dependent partner called "POLITICAL OPPORTUNISM" in which "The Philadelphia Negro" DID NOT see himself as an INVESTOR who has used his CONSCIOUSNESS, HOPE and VALUABLES to erect the present operating regime that has him impoverished after so many years and thus needs to become a DEFENSIVE INVESTOR.

INSTEAD he had his goods laid out for any and all who would agree to MEET HIS HIGH ASKING PRICE, yielding his loyalties.

As I tell my young son as I give him the MONEY to pay the cashier:  "YOU DO NOT hand your MONEY to the cashier and ask HER to count it for you, giving you YOUR CHANGE.   YOU check the prices on the shelf,  ASK 'How Much The Total IS" and then hand her the appropriate amount of money and then COUNT YOUR CHANGE".

In short a MANAGEMENT CONSCIOUSNESS versus a CONSUMER CONSCIOUSNESS that is rife within West Philly.

Again - ride down Lansdowne Avenue at about 11pm, when most stores are closed.  You will see a bevy of "Korean Owned Chinese Stir Fry Joints" that stay open late - satisfying the CONSUMER demands of the Philadelphia Negro for Food, Lottery Tickets and Malted Beverages.

This might be "Development" BUT WHO'S?

So you see - "THE VOTING RIGHTS ACT" - along with "The Trayvon Martin Trial" and "Paula Deen" offer good "episodic theater" to the Americanized Negro who like to be entertained and have his ASSUMPTIONS AFFIRMED.

NONE OF THESE points that have been promoted today to TOP LINE ISSUES have anything to do with the competency to produce ORGANIC DEVELOPMENT AMONG THE AMERICANIZED NEGRO, through the MANAGEMENT of the "Human Resource Development Institutions" within the Black Community.

INSTEAD they all serve as a JUSTIFICATION to avoid such focus.

Like a "War On Terrorism" justifies the erosion of "Civil Liberties" so the ENEMY won't "Get Us" - EXCEPT the greatest enemy to the "Black Community Development Culture" is lurking within the CONSCIOUSNESS of the "Americanized Black".

He just can't SEE HIMSELF in any other form.
GOD is disappointed with his lack of vision, as "Shiny Bling" has blinded him.

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