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Dream & Hustle Blog Remix: Who Does The Black Community Go To For Restitution After Black Enterprise Magazine And Ebony Induced Them Into A Confidence Scheme?

Dream And Hustle blog

Note:  Please click on the link above to read blogger Ed Dunn's assessment of Black Enterprise magazine and Ebony in relation to the marketing of financial whiz Fredrick Douglas Scott, age 29, who was later found to be running a fraudulent hedge fund.

This post is about my vantage point on the situation, an indictment that goes far beyond "Ebony/Jet" and "Black Enterprise".

We all have heard on "Black Wing Grievance & Political Opportunism Talk Radio" recently that "More Black Wealth Has Been Stolen During The Sub-Prime Mortgage Scandal Than Any Other Event Since American Chattel Slavery".

What these same voices DO NOT talk about is the years in which they were doing "Broadcast Remotes" from subdivisions built to house Black people in which they used the tag line:   "Why rent when you can own?  I have mortgage specialists that can get you into your own home today.   Young Jeezy and Luda will be performing today at 12 noon.  Come on out we have free hot dogs and drinks for the kids"

Yet after their commission checks were cashed for their media marketing services.  And after the mortgage brokers checks were cashed - after "WORKING WITH" the income and asset numbers before the paperwork was filed to the mortgage underwriter - after the entire confidence scheme collapsed - THESE SAME VOICES INTO THE BLACK COMMUNITY - who the normal "Civil Rights Watch Dogs" enjoy an incestuous relationship with - because they give free airtime and a soap box to stand upon - got a grand case of amnesia.

Unlike the physical transfer of "Slave Whips" from our ancestors bodies' to a Black baby born today..........the Embedded Confidence Men With A Mic In Their Hands - BASHED THE BLACK COMMUNITY UPSIDE THE HEAD with their financial confidence scheme to get them into a house - and it was THE BROADCAST OPERATIVES who lost their memory after the blunt instrument caused the concussion upon the Black community.

They blamed the White folks at the BANKS.  They blamed Bush for not stopping his friends in the financial services machine.   The Americanized Negro showed once again that HE IS AN EQUAL HISTORIAN as is his oppressor - as long as someone gives him an Internet connection, as the pen and copier paper no longer has enough of a distribution to induce a sufficient amount of Negroes to make a difference.

Johnson Publishing - The Black Racial Services Machine Press - Inducement Of The Americanized Negro By Telling Him "Good News Stories" About What He WANTS To Hear As A Consumer

The key reference that comes to mind when I think of Chicago-based Johnson Publishing (Ebony and Jet magazine) is a "Mission Accomplished Zone" just over the state line in Indiana.

I have little doubt that when the mayor of Gary Indiana unfurled this sign that is affixed to city hall, that Johnson Publishing sent several reporters from its Chicago headquarters to cover this press event put on by the leaders of this iconic "Chocolate City", heralding a "new day" and a "new direction" for the constituents of this city that is a mere shell of itself.

The JOB of the Black Press operative that day in which the "red and blue" ink on this over-sized banner was minted fresh is to showcase BLACK POLITICAL POWER on stage to promote the awareness TO THE PEOPLE.

Sadly there is no element within the "Black Racial Services Machine Press" that sees the need to PROTECT THE BLACK RANK & FILE FROM the Black Political Operations of the "Black Racial Services Machine".   As (circular) logic holds - The PEOPLE voted them into power as their voice at the table, fighting for them,  this incumbent relationship means that any press agent who STANDS FOR BLACK PEOPLE would logically STAND FOR THEIR REPRESENTATIVES IN THE GOVERNMENT.

This fraudulent assertion is the heart of the "black hole" that is produced as each of these loosely coupled cogs within the "Black Racial Services Machine" whirls around to create the artificial gravity that keeps the Americanized Negro suspended in mid-air.   He looks outside of the window and see MOTION and is made to believe that HE IS PROGRESSING via DEVELOPMENT.  Instead it is merely the same optical illusion that we note when sitting on a stationary bus and A SECOND BUS outside of the window is moving forward or backward.

The job of the "Paid Blacks In The Media" is to shake the bus and make "engine revving noises" to trick the Americanized Negro into going along with it.

Fear not, for Johnson Publishing is on better financial grounds today.  They now sell the "Prints of History" - particularly this portrait from "Gary Past" in which BLACK POWER convened in the fair city - to plot out the strategy for DEVELOPING BLACK PEOPLE for the next 30 years.

Today - as an inducement for the Americanized Negro to look beyond the question of HIS development - Johnson Publishing can proudly say:  "We Got A Black President From Chicago Into Office Twice - What Fault Do You Have With Us...................................Unless You Hate To See Black People Proud?"

The Chances That Ebony Magazine Will Write A Critical Article About The U.S. FOREIGN POLICY In Africa Today Is NIL!!!

 But If The Johnson Publishing Reporter who is traveling with the President Of The United States during his trek through Africa detects the least bit of body odor coming from the President - she will pull out one of the sponsored personal toiletries and offer it to the US Commander In Chief.

AFTER ALL No Black President should be allowed to be "odoriferous" while standing on "The Mother Land".

WHO CARES about the "Tea Party African" that plan to protest in South Africa?   They are induced to hate Obama over his Imperialism in Africa - the same way that the Right-wing American Evangelists have convinced the unevolved Blacks in Uganda to pass "Homophobic Legislation"  

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