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Day 5: The Fake Social Justice Jesus Of Social Justice - BFF's With Secular Progressives To Run The "Black Conscious Attention Filibuster"

June 1st through June 19th - A Daily Build-up To The Eventual Conviction And Lynching Of "The Fake Jesus Of Social Justice" - Upon Which The "Americanized - Oppressed Negro" Will Be Offered Dialysis - To Have Their SLAVE BLOOD Filtered Out Of Their System.

The Fraudulent Beatification Ritual #5:  Knowing That Black People Love What They Already Believe More Than DEVELOPMENT, The Fake Jesus Of Social Justice Always Will Yield Their 'Permanent Interests' To The Right With Their 'White Secularist Allies'

I listen/read to more "Progressive Media" today than anything but "financial media".
I am amazed at how they can enumerate the flaws of their "Right-Wing Enemy" but are unable to look at where their ideology goes unchallenged and yet STILL the Black Community is in a failed state.

This shows that the "Disciples Of The Fake Jesus Of Social Justice" are more interested in having their congregation PLEASED with their assumptions on how to fix the Black community than they are in actually EMPOWERING Black people AS the fix.

Specimen:  LA Book Fare:  "The Culture War - Analyzed From The Left's Perspective"


As a researcher I choose to listen to a wide range of sources - building a MODEL of the universe where they reside and then make note of the DARK MATTER SPACE that is produced as they focus their attacks and their affirmations on specific targets.

THE AMERICANIZED NEGRO Is And Will Always Be The FOOTBALL That Malcolm X Referred To - UNTIL He Changes His Consciousness.

The Fake Jesus' Secular Progressive Ally Loves To Frame "The Struggle" (Culture War) Into The Issues Of
  • Woman's Rights - Per Ability To Abort Her Child Per Her Own Choosing
  • Gay Rights - A Matter Of Tolerance For Alternative Lifestyles, Free From The Repression That The 'Ossie And Harriett' Time Frame That Never Had A Black Person On The Show And Thus Was Not A Model For Black People
  • Black Struggle Against Oppression - Yesterday The Individual Black Man Was Harassed By THE SYSTEM.  Today Black People Who Want To Express Their Quest For Development Are Seeing A BLACK PRESIDENT And Black Elected Officials SUPPRESSED By 'Da Man' Who Wants Control Back Over The System
  • Control Over The Content Of Television/Movie / Written Entertainment - The False Claims Of Indoctrination Of Sex And Violence Triggers The Right-Wing Repressive Forces.  The Racist Inferences In The Same Content Sets Off The Progressive Allies
  • The Government Budget As A Moral Document - The One Time The Secularist DOES Bring RELIGIOUS RESTRICTION Into The Public Square Is When He Can Impress Upon The WEALTHY SELFISH Christian To "Consider The Least Of These" In The Next Budget Negotiations
  • Capitalism Is The Source Of The Destroyed Lives
Constructive Feedback University - Observations Of What The Fake Jesus Of Social Jusice And His Secular Progressive Allies Doggedly Avoid
  • Consumerism Among The PEOPLE Is A WORSE DEMON Than The "Establishment Capitalism" - The CULTURE OF CONSUMERISM That Is Advanced As "Arbitrary Judeo-Christian", Puritan Notions Of "DENIAL OF SELF" Are Cast To The Wayside
  • The Build Up Of "Self-Worth"/"Self-Esteem" Is Made Into A Measure Of CONSUMER ACCESS As Expressed By The Larger Society.   If The SOCIETY Sees 'The Least Of These As EQUAL' - It Would EXPRESS THIS By Its Dispensation. 
    • The Least Of These - Are Necessarily Kept As A 'Diseased Class' - The Pawn Used To Indict The Enemy
    • The Fake Jesus Of Social Justice And His Secular Progressive Friends WILL NEVER Bring Into The Conversation The Fact That In Their "Decades Of Advocacy For The Poor" ----They Also Took The VALUABLES FROM THE POOR:
      • The American Ballots That Express Their Voice
  • The Tear Down Of Cultural Strictures In The Name Of Secular Progressivism Is Responsible For The Consumer Based Materialism - as expressed in:
    • Money Spent On Hair And Beauty - That Could Have Gone To 'The Least Of These'
    • Money Spent On Entertainment - That Could Have Gone To 'Social Justice Health Care'
    • TIME Spent On Social Affirmation - That Could Have Been Spent On Molding The Young People Within The Community

The root Of All of this misalignment is the power of the "Fake Jesus Of Social Justice" to KEEP THE ENEMY ON TRIAL SO HE DOES NOT HAVE TO PUT HIS FAKE RELIGION ON TRIAL.   If so he would see that no EXTERNAL RIGHT-WING theory would ever have the internal access to the "organs and soft tissue' of the Black community to do the damage that they speak of.

When the Secular Progressives in the video above talked about "The Culture War" they practiced the classic "Keep Your Right-Wing Enemy On Trial" and were all in congregational unity.   Their "diameter" was drawn right at the feet of where their right-wing enemies stood.   This is the type of conversation that most Americanized Blacks are treated to and this is accepted as a rational conversation in which all relevant points were covered.

IF YOU LISTENED CAREFULLY, however, there were several "Black Issues" that came up but where the response was spun or not explored because it would lead into an uncomfortable discussion among the "Post-Racial Progressive Fundamentalist Alliance"

  1. URBAN CRIME - despite their claim that their right-wing enemy would love to move the nation back to the 1950's - when the subject of BLACK ON BLACK urban crime was entertained - instead of focusing on how "GANG LOYALTIES" supersede "value of life", and then focus upon the adult failings in community governance - the voice who did not want to offend Black people blamed it on NATIONAL ECONOMIC MISALLOCATION OF RESOURCES
  2. WOMAN'S RIGHTS & FREEDOM AS EXPRESSED THROUGH ABORTION -  The woman who argued that the election of 2012 was supposed to be about the ECONOMY (a vote of confidence of President Obama) but then was amazed that the right-wing couldn't help themselves but to talk about "The Vagina Monologues" - was duplicitous in her analysis.  INDEED more women needed to have an "Economic Safety, Stability and Growth" discussion but this was not in the favor of THEIR CANDIDATE (President Obama) and the MACHINE that dominates the "Mission Accomplished Urban Centers" who desperately need "Their Network Of Favorable Officials" to come through for them as promised.
    1. The mistaken analysis would be to say:  "The Progressive-Fundamentalists overreacted to the words from the Theocratic Right-Wing Republicans who made an issue of 'Legitimate Rape', playing into the contrived "War On Women Meme".
    2. IT WOULD BE MORE ENLIGHTENING to observe that:  WHEN THE ISSUE OF ECONOMICS (Or Poverty - to be more correct - NEEDED TO BE PUSHED INTO THE DISCUSSION) the forces that had received the VALUABLES FROM THE LEAST OF THESE, AFTER THE PROMISE TO FIX THEIR SITUATION understood that it was more important to WIN THE ELECTION by standing up "Bogie men", which when aligned together could get people to MAKE A RE-INVESTMENT IN TO THEIR CAUSE, than it was to REFUSE TO RUN ON THE DISTRACTION, FORCING THE ISSUE OF POVERTY TO THE HELM.
    3. When you want to understand "Why Does The Philadelphia Negro STILL VOTE FOR HIS SALVATION Instead Of Leaving The Main Portion Of His Consciousness AND HOPE FOR DEVELOPMENT Out Of The Ballot Box (Outsourcing) And Instead Focus ON MORE EFFECTIVE COMMUNITY AND INSTITUTIONAL GOVERNANCE?" - Look no further than the mechanics that were used by the White Progressive Cheshire Fox Ally in the C-SPAN video above.   She is EXPERT at compelling the Negro, the Feminist, the Immigrant, the Gay, the Poor - all of the members of the "Post Racial Progressive Fundamentalist Alliance" to curl up like a rolly polly bug - IN DEFENSE AGAINST the existential threat that SHE has focused them upon as coming from the Right-Wing
  3. NOT ONE BIT of the conversation among progressive friends talked about the conditions "When The Progressive Coalition Is All By Themselves and is now THE ESTABLISHMENT POWER THAT IS FAILING TO PROVIDE SOCIAL JUSTICE".  
    1. Like a cloistered dictator encamped in his palace "the Progressive Kingdom" is doing fine because all of the panel of advisers that encircle him tell him that all is well, but they need to fortify the southern wall because the main threat is the breach of the fortification by the hate-filled external right wing.
    2. Progressive-fundamentalism now stands on the "West Coast" of their expansion.  With the schools, the culture, the finance issues and basic issues of governance more in their hands than ever before - the challenge of standing up:  "Opie Cunningham, the White right-wing father figure from the 1950's who was secretly a Klansman " is NOT going to work in addressing the problems in West Philly, the South side of Chicago or the Pittsburgh Community in Atlanta.   BUT IT SURE AS HELL makes the "Fake Jesus Of Social Justice" PLEASED because it is an effective strategy at filling the ranks of his discipleship.  
A History Lesson For Eric Deggans, Official Historian For  "The National Association Of Black Journalists" 
The Threat To Black Life - Then And Now

This White Woman IS NOT Likely Eric Deggan's Wife - BUT HE WOULD NOT Have Been Allowed To Stand Shoulder To Shoulder With Her At A Book Review Conference  IF Today's World Was Still Like The World That He Uses For His Strawman Arguments

Eric Deggan's World - 1952 The Threat To The American Negro Of 2013
Inter-Racial Marriage A mixed race couple would not be allowed to marry each other in the 1950's, despite MSNBC's Chris Matthews' affirmation of the "World According To Pat Buchanan" WHY TALK ABOUT INTERRACIAL MARRIAGE AND THE BLACK COMMUNITY TODAY, yielding to the 'Narrowcasting' and 'Pettifogging' and 'Conscious Attention Filibuster Of The Progressive Fundamentalist?

There is an existential CRISIS, Within The Black Community, in which the long term, intimate and committed relationship between the Black male and the Black female is askew with reference to the HOPES for creating a stable, nurturing community ecosystem that is supportive of the DEVELOPMENT GOALS through which ORGANIC SOCIAL JUSTICE will be created THROUGH THE PEOPLE and their COMMUNITY/CULTURAL INSTITUTIONS.

Instead they HOPE FOR salvation through PROGRESSIVE PUBLIC POLICY, dismissing the fractures in the superstructure.
Public Accommodations In the 1950's a Black man like Eric Deggans could not eat in a white restaurant

Lester Maddox of Georgia and his famous "ax handle" used to motivate Black people who were thinking about entering his restaurant to reconsider their choice of eateries.
During a recent conversation with a friend who is an Atlanta Police Officer
It was "the Place To Be" in the Black Young Urban Hip Hop Crowd.


NOT because this prime, downtown Atlanta venue was 'too important' to house a crowd of Black people...

  • A Prostitution Ring
  • Drugs
  • Too Many Fights
all converged to shutter a public accommodation that is on prime real estate - JUST AS "The Atlanta Civil Rights Museum" has its foundations being poured by the general contractor who has promised that they would adhere to a strict diversity policy for employment opportunity.

Organized Violence Against Black People Like Georgia Senator Tyrone Brooks, Eric Deggans likes making heavy references to LYNCHING as a means of transacting upon its powerful imagery in setting the stage of explaining "WHO DID THIS TO US" and "WHY WE ARE THE WAY WE ARE TODAY".

If someone told you that the treats to and the concerns of a Black person living in "St Pete" have little overlap with those concerns expressed by Eric Deggans - would it surprise you?

If you learned that none of the co-panelists in the video above would EVER DARE use this body of data as the basis of their analysis of the real world, despite their literary influence upon their congregation of readers - would it be surprising that their readers believe the problem illustrated above has roots outside of the area depicted on the map?
Threat To Black Enfranchisement In 1954 A Black Man was registering Black people to vote and had his house blown up in an act of intimidation. In 2013 - DESPITE Voting "Democratic Straight Ticket" In The 2012 Presidential Election and making the "Post Racial Progressive Fundamentalist Alliance" happy - the Philadelphia Negro is besieged by THREATS that are mostly coming from the young people that are the fruit from the ECOSYSTEM that the Progressive Fundamentalist uses to harvest the "Black DEVELOPMENT HOPES FOR CHANGE" based upon the fertilizer that they have to live in every day.

Table Cell Table Cell Table Cell

Can we all agree?   The reason why the FAKE JESUS OF SOCIAL JUSTICE makes heavy use of the "Keep Your Enemy On Trial" is because their TOOL SET that they are ideologically wedded to is INCOMPETENT at producing the promised benefits WITHIN the "Mission Accomplished Zone" that they won over via attrition as they sold what, back then, is TODAY'S time period as a great PROGRESSIVE future.    Now that the time has caught up to their prognostications - THE LEAST OF THESE, residing in a failed state of DEVELOPMENT - have no other choice than to invest their HOPE FOR FUTURE SALVATION into the VERY SAME MACHINE that has failed them previously - after collecting their valuables with the grand promise.  

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