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Day 16: The Fake Jesus Of Social Justice Will Be Lynched On Juneteenth - The Trial Moves To Philly (PA Not Mississippi)

Day 16:  The Death March Of The Fake Jesus Of Social Justice - 

The Church Appointed Defense Team Tries To Insert Itself Back Into Relevance In The Trial 

Your honor, and with all due respect - WE PROTEST THIS ILLEGAL DETENTION OF OUR CLIENT.   For He Is An AMERICAN And Your Court Has No Standing In America.   We Are Not In AFRICA.   Such a construct is only used to induce "Americanized Negroes" into felling a bit of connectivity with the 'Dark Continent' before our Social Justice Jesus passes around his offering plate.

We demand that you release our client.
But we are willing to do a compromise.

Let us move this show trial out of this uncomfortable Rib Bus and instead move it into the "US Constitutional Center" since we are in Philadelphia.

This will allow the defense of the "Social Justice Jesus" to PUT THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT ON TRIAL - except for the First Lady, President Obama, our brother Attorney General and the Labor Secretary if the Racist Republicans in the US Senate do not block him and that Uncle Tom Sambo Supreme Court Justice Thomas does not uphold it.

Why waste the time and risk upsetting Black Progressives by placing "Their Jesus" on trial when he is so pleasing to them?

This is why you Africans have no credibility with the Black Americans.

Our goal is to gain OWNERSHIP of the "US Constitution Center" and turn it into a Black public school and community center for Black men freed from Mass Incarceration
These white racist statues will be melted down and recast in the image in the form of the "Social Justice Jesus' Disciples"

  • The Founder Of Rainbow/PUSH
  • The Founder of The National Action Network
  • The Founder of The Hip Hop Action Network
  • And George Soros

You sir, are a disgrace to Black people, as proven in your selective indictment of Black officials - all based on your HATRED of them.   You are heard calling anyone who disagrees with you the very same RACIST NAMES that you feign offense over when a fellow POLITICAL BIGOT calls those who you live vicariously through such names.

We will not entertain your request for a dismissal or a change in venue into the US Constitutional Center.

It seems that your problem is that you USE THE US CONSTITUTION for your own fraudulent purposes.

  • Condemning it as a "Slave Document" upon which this nation of STOLEN BLOOD and MURDERED AND OPPRESSED PEOPLE OF COLOR was founded.
  • YET when you need this document to make an INDICTMENT AGAINST or a claim of SOCIAL JUSTICE FOR YOUR CONSUMER BENEFIT - you pull out your iPad and show this US Constitution - with all of the appropriate articles to affirm your cause highlighted.
As with the CHRISTIAN BIBLE - you DO NOT DESERVE protection from this US Constitution that you so cherry pick from.  

GET OUT OF MY COURT ROOM before I step down from this bench and beat you down "West Philly Style", before they started carrying around 9mm illegally transported from the South.

(The Courtroom Erupts in applause.  Someone finally told the Embedded Confidence Man/Defense Attorney [Sorry For Repeating Myself] What He Needed To Hear.
Even though he hides behind his JOB to render sufficient defense for even the lowliest of scoundrels - HE NEED NOT execute in a grand fraud - that plays upon the VULNERABILITIES, INCOMPETENCIES AND HATRED of the members of the jury that he has impaneled.  

The very same people that his CONFIDENCE SCHEME has kept ignorant of a more effective pathway forward so they turn to CORRUPTION and NULLIFICATION) 

The Consciousness Of The People - Prosecution 

Your honor, I must say.  If there were more people like you in Southwest and North Philly standing up to the foolishness - we wouldn't have 3/4ths of the problems that are present today within the Black community.

But this little exchange that you had with the Church Appointed Attorney points to the key issue that we as the Black Conscious Protection agents have with his entire scheme.

The Disciple Of The Fake Jesus Of Social Justice can be riled up into anger over what Ronald Reagan said back in 1980 in Philadelphia Mississippi, the site of the murder of 3 Civil Rights Activists......
In his own community of North Philly he has a memorial wall full of murdered Black people in Philly with one year's worth (2006) taking up the entire space.  

While today the Disciples are heard demanding a new trial for a convicted cop killer from the oppressive era of Police Chief/ Mayor Rizzo because there is a claim that a White racist judge hearing the case said "I Am Going To Help Fry This Nigger"...................................

In Philadelphia 2013 - there is a federal crack down on WITNESS INTIMIDATION after several have been killed but NONE were labeled a CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION

Despite all of the "Telephone Pole Memorials" signifying the SCENES OF DEATH that dot the landscape in Philadelphia and other "Mission Accomplished Cities:................................
The DISCIPLES understand how the psyche of the "Americanized Blacks" work.
As a result they have painted BLACK PRIDE AFFIRMATION MURALS all over the city.

So you see, fair minded Kings and Queens - the Disciples of the defendant that sits before you are more qualified to engineer FAKE PRIDE AND UNITY within their rank of disciples to mask their INCOMPETENCE at DEVELOPING BLACK PEOPLE into the form that the "Fake Jesus" promised them as he solicited their valuables into his offering plate.

The Fake Jesus Of Social Justice:

I see.
You are trying to place the ways of the "Americanized Negro" UPON ME!!!!!!!

  • I did not steal them away from Africa on Slave Ships - the WHITE MAN did!!
  • I did not strip them naked on the Slave auction block for sale - the WHITE MAN did!!
  • I did not beat them until they refused their native language and culture - the WHITE MAN did!!
  • I did not put them to work on a plantation - stealing their labor for my wealth.  - the WHITE MAN did!!
  • I did not rape Black women for my own pleasure, the progeny produced enriching me as my slave count was increased while the color code among the slaves produced divisions.  - the WHITE MAN did!!
  • I did not wage war to set them free only to resurrect a body of laws that had them remain in virtual slavery and without the vote - the WHITE MAN did!!
  • I did not use organized terrorism fronted as "Christian Law And Order" to keep the larger society operating efficiently while the desperate Negro was kept in his place - the WHITE MAN did!!
  • I did not implement a body of "Jim Crow Laws" that formed "American Apartheid" - the WHITE MAN did!!
  • I did not form the resistance when the American Negro sought to stand up for his full rights as American citizens - the WHITE MAN did!!
  • I did not deny the American Negro access to the best that America could offer as education that was taking place within White schools where the bulk of the money was spent - the WHITE MAN did!!
  • I did not execute a global order of White Supremacy upon other nations of color - taking colonial control over their countries in order to "Civilize Them". all the while expressing savagery upon the so called "Savage" so that he would do my bidding - the WHITE MAN did!!

So you see, madame's and misures of the court - I AM NOT THE GUILTY PARTY.
The WHITE MAN created the CONDITIONS......I merely was attened to the unmet needs of the people.

I provided them the mental comfort and purposefulness that they sought.
I took spoiled grievances that otherwise eat at their soul and cause physiological ailments among those who give up on life because they have no PURPOSE and can't find a way out.

I used the finest of AMERICAN TRADITION to recognize the vision of the AMERICAN NEGRO as a full 100% AMERICANIZED HUMAN BEING.......all without breaking the American laws!!!

The Consciousness Of The People - Prosecution 
You trifling bastard.


The bond that transcends AMERICAN LAW.

You did what was LEGAL in AMERICAN LAW and JURISPRUDENCE but you failed to do what would DEVELOP THE PEOPLE - as you tricked them into believing.


If you were Moses you would have been happy to see them worshiping the GOLDEN CALF because at least they were not protesting against YOUR LEADERSHIP because they were occupied.

You are the worst type of scoundrel because YOU KNOW and you made sure that the people stayed INGORANT by promoting the ARTICULATE, EDUCATED BUT IGNORANT to be your elder spokes people in your ungodly church!!

The Church Appointed Attorney

OBJECTION your honor!!

The prosecution is not allowed to talk during this period of testimony - this is clear in American law and jurespudience.

I demand a mistrial.

Let my client roam free for him to continue making Americanized Blacks happy by given them a PURPOSE inside of the American political system.

Especially since OUR TEAM is so close to achieving the final victory
Maasi guards!!!!
Remove this FOOL from my court room.

He keeps referencing the AMERICAN JUSTICE SYSTEM after having released so many GUILTY MEN back upon the streets of Philadelphia in support of a claim of JUSTICE that he would not know if it carjacked him on Broad and Cecil B More Avenue.

I told you that this is NOT AN AMERICAN COURT OF LAW where your foolishness can be exerted.

This is a BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS COURT with more strict standards of procedure and evidence. 
Fake Jesus Of Social Justice:

Easy my Black brothers and sisters.  I come in piece.

NO.  You Come as a CONFIDENCE MAN and a THIEF.

A THIEF of Black Consciousness.
I peeped your game many years ago.

The Fake Jesus Of Social Justice
Look at the Black man who claims to be  the CONSCIOUS ONE.  
He is so impassioned and enraged that he looks like he wants to express violence against me like a South Philly Street Pirate.

AGAIN I ask the court.

  • I have Americanized Negroes that would DIE for me
  • I have Americanized Negroes who believe in ME even when they know that the condition of their community proves what I tell them is not so
  • I have the Americanized Negro who will INVEST IN MY WAR against their common WHITE RIGHT WING ENEMY over their investment in their own children's eductation
  • They would rather give their money to a corporation or a Korean Merchant in their own community rather than pay a bit extra to fund THEIR OWN SALVATION
You got enraged when I talked about what the WHITE MAN did to them in Slavery and Jim Crow.

My honorable, naive prosecutor who stands before you can't bring himself to accept that THE AMERICANIZED NEGRO WANTS WHAT HE WANTS as an AMERICAN CONSUMER and I am supplying it to him.

He must then believe that the Americanized Negro is a Beast Of Consumption and that a benevolent father must step in to deny this fully developed human being - with all of the rights of an AMERICAN - this in the eyes of EVERY OTHER NEGRO AROUND THE WORLD - is the PINNACLE OF BLACK CONSUMER EXISTENCE --------- is, in fact a CONSCIOUS POSITION that is a BETRAYAL to other Blacks.

AGAIN - Why can't the Prosecutor go among MY DISCIPLES and find....................
  • ANY that feel molested
  • ANY who believe that their ENEMY is other than who I promote in my church for their UNITY
  • ANY who feel that their valuables have been taken by me
  • ANY who are not prepared to invest their BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS into my biorhythm that just happens to coincide with the American elections
YOU SIR do not have a problem with ME......

This is why they REJECT YOU.

Come join my church and I will make you REGIONAL BISIOP in the Mountain States and I will convince them that there is "Social Justice" to be had there - where the White man is suckling on without interruption.
NAPPIE - Court Reporters Summarize The Day's Testimony

"We are on the right side of history.    Our Social Justice Jesus is mopping up the floor with these fake Africans.

Maybe those Africans need a larger 'Humanitarian Mission' to be cast upon them by the United States.

I certainly was 'Terrorized' by their presence.  They did kidnap the spiritual leader of Black Progressives, after all.  

This is a violation of at least 30 International Criminal Court rules that I can think of. 

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