Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Black Wing Grievance Talk Radio: Trayvon & The Supreme Court: "THEY Always Distract Us While THEY Are Taking Away Our Rights"

The very same Black people who walked past hundreds of "Police Crime Scene" tape in their own community in order to protest in SANFORD FLORIDA - are now heard on "Corporate Owned Black Talk Radio", telling the congregation that "THEY" are distracting Black people with wall to wall coverage of the "Trayvon Martin Murder Trial", all the while they are TAKING AWAY OUR RIGHTS AS BLACK PEOPLE.

Sadly there are few voices that are looking at the INVESTMENTS of the "Black Community Development Fund" into Politics for the past 50 years and if there is a sufficient RETURN ON INVESTMENT as measured by the reduction in IGNORANCE and HATRED heard on "Black Wing Grievance Talk Radio" by people who have not been developed with a more effective means to express their desire for UPLIFT.


I hear a CONSUMER CONSCIOUSNESS faking as "Nation Building Time".

Unfortunately this "nation" spends more money on DEFENSIVE SPENDING (not the "Imperialist Projection" that you are used to with America.  Their "Defensive Spending" is CONSCIOUSNESS STOLEN AWAY from the Black Community's "Governance Culture" - diverted into national politics)

If you tune into "Black Wing Grievance Talk Radio" all this week you will hear 3 things:

  1. Trayvon Martin as a symbol of the "Negative Racial Profile Of Black Males"
  2. "Dr Kings" Legacy Stolen by the Supreme Court (But not by the conditions of the Black Community institutions within "Mission Accomplished Cities" today)
  3. "Clarence Thomas" is the poster child as to why we need to VOTE FOR OUR SALVATION so that a Progressive President can appoint the right judiciary (They may even say: "You see this is why I didn't protest against Obama when he invaded Africa to bomb Libya.   We have far more important issues as a people to focus upon than to sever my access to the White House)

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