Sunday, May 05, 2013

Which Story Featuring "The Number Of Murder After {Fill In The Blank} Did The "Progressive Corporate Media Allies" Refuse To Run Because It Would Offend Their 'Black Progressive Allies"?

(Blax News Fake Quoting Service)

Their Black Press Subsidiary That Hosts Blogs From The "Who's Who" Of Black Progressive-Fundamentalist Intellectual Thought

NOTE: New Republic - Racism In 2012 Election Cost Obama 4 Million Fewer Votes
A White staff member at "The Huffing Post" who clearly got some guidance from a Black staff member told us:

"You Uncle Tom Blacks claim to care so much about Black people WHY DON'T YOU make a "Click Here To See Black Homicides Since April 4, 2013.  Why Are You Black Conservatives Always Waiting On Progressives To Bring Awareness To Dysfunction Within The Black Community? You Allen West Type Of Blacks Only Seek To Tear Down Black Leadership So You Can Install Republicans Into Leadership Positions Within The Black Community In Order To Get Contracts For Prisons, Schools And Home Renovations.  Get That Koch Brothers B.S. Out Of Our Office.  Your Kind Is Not Welcome Here"

Their Black Press Subsidiary Who Appear To Follow The Prescribed Corporate Editorial Guidelines To Not Offend The Americanized Blacks With Introspective Questions

After their Black subsidiary got offended over the question -  Slate told us that their graphic artist who did the "Interactive Homicide Map" since Newtown demanded too much money to do a second series detailing "Black Homicides Since Rev Bernice King Announced the 50 Days Of Non-Violence".

The Plan For "50 Days Of Nonviolence" HAS FAILED

"Ninjas As Still Getting Themselves Kilt" - Even In Walking Distance From King's Tomb In Atlanta

  • There Was No Mobile App for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry And Windows Mobile
  • Not Enough Of A OUTRAGE Spirit Was Produced To RILE UP BLACK PEOPLE As They Are Placed On The DEFENSIVE Against A "Right Wing Threat"
  • There Was Not Enough Airtime Committed To The Plan From MSNBC, TVOne, BET, VH1 and Bravo - Where Progressive Activist Minded Black People Frequent
  • The Movement Failed To Fund Enough "Click Through Ads" For Placement On 
    • The Root
    • The Grio
    • AOL Blax
    • Politic365
    • This Week In Blackness
    • And Various Black Progressive Blogging Coalitions

Per Their Previous Unrestricted Self-Chum Feeding Into The Black Community:  Until The Black Media Changes Course From Their Prescribed Assignments And Instead Convinces The Americanized Blacks That Every Black Homicide That They Allow To Transpire In The Black Community Is Equal To ONE MORE LEGAL BLACK VOTE PURGED BY THE REPUBLICANS - The AMERICANIZED BLACK Won't Do Anything Beyond Saying "Amen" To The "Stage Act" At The Community Rally And Continue To "OUTSOURCE Their COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE CULTURE THROUGH Their Advocacy For NATIONALIZED PROGRESSIVE PUBLIC POLICY As Hope To Supplement The LOCAL PROGRESSIVE POLICY That Got Enacted Thanks To The Strategy From Bayard Rustin And Dr Ronald Walters.

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