Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Dear Mo Ivory Of WAOK - Please Accept This Research On Dekalb County Schools Financing - You Are About To Get Ganged Up Upon Tomorrow

Dear Mo Ivory - Black Woman, WAOK Radio Talk Show Host, Democratic Party Delegate:

Today I heard "your friends" on the radio calling you a "Handkerchief Headed Negro" because you were among the group of "Uncle Tom Blacks" that supported the ouster of the Dekalb County School Board at the hands of the "Racist Republican governor of Georgia" and the "racist" "Southern Association Of Colleges and Schools" (SACS).

If you want to understand my frustration with "Talk Radio" and more specifically "Black-Wing Grievance & Political Opportunism Talk Radio" - look no further than the "festive ignorance" that was displayed today on your radio station regarding the "$21 Million SURPLUS" that was found in the Dekalb County Schools budget and how this "accomplishment" - coupled with a narrative that is not commensurate with the entire real world truth was used as a "Self-Chummed / Self-Congratulatory" football spike of the "Racist Governor's head" and any other "Negro" who dared to be tricked.

Seriously Ms Ivory - do you find it strange that a group of Black people are more PISSED at the "Racist Republican Governor's" reference to "Ghetto Grandmothers" than:

  • The machine that she INVESTED IN for her DEVELOPMENT only to find out that when "Bowen Homes" was about to be torn down - after 30 years of residency instead of her being DEVELOPED as promised - she is afraid to be assigned housing at "real world rent"?    Why does such a "Helper" get to pat themselves on the back instead of being seen as a THIEF of her "Development Funds"?
  • Than the United States Commander In Chief who did not give warning to the "Ghetto Mothers, Fathers and Grand Parents" of the TERRORIST SUSPECTS in Yemen - just as a drone missile was fired into their house?  
It is when I try to reconcile the thoughts, amplifications and "self-chummed offendedness" that you all present between THESE TWO DOMAINS OF REALITY (your domestic interests in left-wing politics of attrition versus your Black Diasporatic consciousness in defense of the artifacts that many of you CLAIM are the essence of your "Blackness" [ie: Africa and opposition to imperialism, etc] - this is where I get most frustrated and I then understand that this is ONLY a dramatic scheme to generate "Congregational Unity" among the "Americanized Blacks" and NOT for the purposes of ACTUALLY DEVELOPING BLACK PEOPLE.

I am sorry.  I promised myself that I would not do any big picture analysis of what you and your friends are caught up in and that I would limit myself to providing you with the FACTUAL BASIS from which to debate the situation in Dekalb County Schools upon.

At 10:01 am tomorrow as you open up your radio show to phone calls - you are going to get barraged over your choice to "Stand With The 'Racist Republican Governor' rather than "Defending BLACK ELECTED OFFICIALS against BLACK VOTER SUPPRESSION" (as officials elected by Black people were put out of office by a 'racist Republican governor).

When I hear some people talking about "DEFENDING BLACK ELECTED OFFICIALS" rather than DEFENDING THE 'INVESTMENT FUND' OF BLACK PEOPLE WHO WERE PROMISED DEVELOPMENT IF THEY SUPPORTED THE MACHINE - I cry a little tear inside - knowing how much unchecked access these people have to the "Black Community Consciousness Nucleus".

TO BE CLEAR - this research and rebuttal IS NOT for your benefit.
I see that live radio / television is a better forum for "Fast Talking Confidence Men" (on both sides) to rile up their base - THAN IT IS for measured, fact based GOVERNANCE of our community institutions to be discussed.

My goal is to take in their argument antics and provide a STRUCTURED, REASONED, FACT BASED rebuttal with the hopes that members of their congregation will start walking out of their church, no longer willing to have their consciousness molested.

The Betrayal Of "Dr King" - The Dekalb Bus Drivers And Janators - "I AM A MAN"

The Memphis Sanitation Workers Demand Better Wages And Working Conditions From The City Of Memphis - Triggering The Involvement Of Dr King

Do You See - Their PRESENT "Touchdown Dance" Over The SURPLUS mentions NOTHING about the past SPENDING CUTS.   
The news of the "Surplus" is ONLY to INDICT THEIR POLITICAL/IDEOLOGICAL ENEMIES and NOT PROOF of their own COMPETENCE in "Calling It Right"


Ms Ivory - your friends are using the "presence" of some "FOUND" funds as evidence that a miracle has been created.

The only thing you need to do to rebut them is to GO BACK TO 2012, 2011, etc and note the SPENDING CUTS (that they opposed) and the SIZE OF THE BASELINE BUDGET to note that the SURPLUS is not the relevant number to focus upon.

2013 (current year) Budget size:   $733 Million (see DPS web site document)
2012 budget size: $744 Million

The Property Values in the county has stopped falling and some are on a slight uptick.
More taxes have been collected.    THERE IS YOUR "SURPLUS".

With all due respect Ms Ivory.
I don't think that you are one of the "bad guys" - you are too malleable based upon the guest/caller on your show and their willingness to push the "Democratic Party Agenda".

When you have a guest like Dr Steve Perry or if you are placed as a guest commentator on "The Georgia Gang" the "competition" makes you more pragmatic.

My goal is to document the TALKING POINTS that are present in "Black Community (Sold Out) Political Banter" and to identify a more STRUCTURED discourse by which this malicious "team concept" (The Malcolm X Political Football Game") is tossed aside for voices that are interested in DEVELOPING THE BLACK COMMUNITY rather than building up large congregations based on articulating grievances and then channeling them into the "offering plate".

Thus I notice that the most effective rebuttal is to demand EVIDENCE OF DEVELOPMENT FOR BLACK PEOPLE after loyal matriculation through the process.

You need to challenge all Dekalb County residents that are interested in DEVELOPING THEIR KIDS to focus on INCREASING THE INCUMBENT TAX BASE rather than falling for plans to protest the "Racist Governor" when he speaks at a graduation ceremony at McNair High School.

While the "Americanized Negros" might feel the same sense of accomplishment after protesting against the RACIST GOVERNOR as he dared come into the Black community - just as they did when they protested for JUSTICE for the "1946 Moores Ford Lynching" last month - it is clear that their scheme WON'T LIFT UP THE ACADEMICS at McNair.

Mr Boazman is famous for his "out of body experiences" in which he chastises Georgia as being "49th out of 50" in educational attainment.  As he blames the RIGHT WING LEADERSHIP of the state - he can't bring himself to admit that the places where HIS TYPE OF CONSCIOUSNESS is most unchallenged is where you also find the "anchor schools" that are weighing down the state AND OUR COMMUNITY - yet no one ever gets fired - as he hopes to do with the "racist Governor" that OFFENDED HIM.

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