Monday, April 15, 2013

How "Black Wing Grievance & Political Opportunism Talk Radio" Is Merely A Platform For The Expression Of The Relative Values Of The "Americanized Negro"

Which Of These Two Men Who Have Made "Racist" Statements Against Black People Have Been Forgiven?   Of The Two Which Of Their Words Serve As A "Remember The Alamo" Chant For The Political Aspirations Of The Negro?

Che Guevara  - The Leftist Revolutionary

Republican Georgia Governor Nathan Deal - Who Offends Progressive Negroes 

“The NINJA is indolent and lazy, and spends his money on frivolities, whereas the European is forward-looking, organized and intelligent.”
- Che Guevara

When The Georgia Photo Voter ID Conflict Was In Full Steam A Few Years Ago Nathan Deal Said:

Deal was talking about his attempts to pass legislation requiring citizenship verification. According to a recording, he said:
"We got all the complaints of ghetto grandmothers who didn't have birth certificates and all that."
The Black Progressive Fundamentalist On "Black-Wing Talk Radio" has FORGIVEN CHE' Because - He Went To The United Nations To Give A Speech Condemning Apartheid.

DESPITE THE FACT That The Huffington Post - The "Blog Of Record" For Most Progressive Black Fundamentalist Political Operatives Covered Nathan Deal's APOLOGY - The Black Racial Services Machine Told The Governor That They
WOULD ACCEPT HIS APOLOGY Only IF He Turns Himself In As The Killer In The "Moore's Ford Bridge Lynching Of 1942".

Since The Black Ideological Bigots Are EQUAL TO The White Racist Bigots - ANY WHITE RIGHT WINGER Who Is Captured In The Name Of JUSTICE Will Do In Appeasing The Hatred Within The Mob.


Who Profits The Most From The Fact That The "Conscious Black People" REFUSE To Put A Stop To The "Black Conscious Diversionary Speech"?

If My Paid-Black Media Hosts Keep Their Congregation Of Negros Entertained As Such In Response To The Statements From The Republicans - MY FINANCIAL STATEMENT Will Continue To Exceed The Projections That I Made To My Private Equity Partners.  

THIS IS WHY I Don't Like My "Paid Help" To Teach The Blacks About How The Capital Markets Work.   Let Them Continue To Believe That "The Occupation" And Che' Are Going To Bring Them Social Justice.    I Have Never Been More Wealthy Than When The Negro Adopted That Term As His Own As Something That He Is Going To GET If He FIGHTS THE RIGHT-WING Hard Enough.

The Right Wing Needs To Learn To Not Upset The Negro By Fighting Him.  GIVE HIM WHAT HE WANTS And Get The SERVICE CONTRACT To Supply It To Him.   Make Sure That He Never Gets Developed To Go Anywhere Else - Just Like The Progressives Have Figured Out. 

"IT IS GETTING WARM OUTSIDE. Time To Replace The "Dr King / President Obama Sweatshirts With The "Che' - The Permanent Revolutionary" 100% Cotton, Extra-Long T-Shirt. We Pride Ourselves With Staying In Tune With The Consumer Demands Of 'The Blacks'. The "Revolutionary Blacks" Are Out Best Customers. "The Occupation" T-Shirts That We Created Caused Far Less Controversy Than The One's Marketed By Jay-Z. The Right-Wing Isn't Targeting Us Like They Do Obama's Friend Jay-Z. We Make A Killing Off Of Their Money Without Ever Being Mentioned In The Fox/MSNBC Proxy Fight That The Negroes Can't See Through. As Long When We Hold Their $20 Bills Up To The Light In Our Store We "See Through" The Watermark That Is In The Bill - We Will Accept Their Money In Exchange For Their Extra Bit Of Material Consciousness.

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