Friday, April 19, 2013

Blax News - "Voice Of The Least Of These Digest" Demands That The Black Racial Services Machine Give Specific Detail How They Will Protect Members Of The "Black Class Of 2013" From Being Murdered In Their Own Communities Prior To Freshman Admissions In The Fall

Will The Black Racial Services Machine Step Up And Show Their Worth By Providing A Detailed Action Plan On How They Intend To Have Every Single Black High School Graduate ALIVE When Orientation And Fall Registration Begins For Next Round Of Education For The "Would Be Pillars Of The Black Community"?

The OPPORTUNITY COSTS OF THE "BLACK CONSCIOUS ATTENTION FILIBUSTER" Which Erodes The "Black Community Governance Culture":     The Legacy Of Promising Young Black Males And Females Who Were Murdered Before They Got A Chance To Shine In Higher Education

Each year about this time, just as our young people breathe a sigh of relief at seeing the finished line of their K-12 educational career - a disturbing counter-narrative enters into the lives of some of them.  The death of one promising Black student / student-athlete becomes a memory that is permanently etched in the minds of his classmates.

I can easily draw the pictures published below of talented young people who were murdered merely by going into "Google Blogger" and using certain keywords that are sure to pull up a treasure trove of obituaries and CSI photos.

  • Philly
  • Chicago
  • "Ninja Got Himself Kilt"
  • Street Pirate
  • The First 48 Hours
With any of these keyword searches I am presented with a large swatch of pictures that I have to narrow down in order to shorten my post.

Somewhere Along The Way - The Americanized Negro's Hopes For SAFETY IN HIS OWN COMMUNITY Go Shifted From "COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT" Over To The "High Stakes Political Jousting" Far Outside Of The Community But Demanding The Loyalty Of Our Conscious Attention

For some reason - Black people' POPULAR OPINION on gun control and their hatred of the NRA translates into COMPETENCY IN PRODUCING NON-VIOLENT COMMUNITIES.

Thus when LEGISLATION that has overwhelming Black support gets defeated - the Jedi Mind Trick that is abundant in the corrupt press tells us that "THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE GETTING KILLED".

The problem is that "YOUR" young people who's consciousness was developed within the ecosystem of the Black Community that you control ARE DOING THE KILLING.
For too long you have been allowed to divert attention toward the industry that produces inanimate objects that are used as the TOOLS OF DEATH.  

At the risk of generating a SELF-INDICTMENT as to the costs of your grand mis-direction - you are silent on the human costs of your incompetence at DEVELOPING BLACK PEOPLE THROUGH THE INSTITUTIONS THAT YOU DOMINATE WITHIN OUR COMMUNITY.

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