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When The Progressive Fundamentalists At The Open Society Foundation Lay Claim To The "Moynihan Report"

Executive Summary: The Open Society Foundation Tells You That, Despite All Of The Investments Of Your Valuables In The Past 50 Years Since The "Black Family Report" - The "Water Level" In The Golden Cistern Below Is Still Below The Threshold" 
The Report Goes On To Tell You That The Golden Cistern IS A "GLASS HALF EMPTY" - BECAUSE Of The Crack That The Accepted Enemies Of Black People Hath Put Into This All Important Container.

They Understand That Most Black People Will Not Make Note Of The GRAND PROMISES That Were Made In The Grand "Quid Pro Quo" - Our "Black Consciousness" and "Equal Black Ballots" In Exchange for POLITICAL POWER That Was To Fix These Very Issues.

With The Dust Settled And The PREFERENCES Of The Black Community Firmly Seated - The Open Society Foundation And Friends Understands That They CAN ADMIT THAT LARGE SWATHS  THE BLACK COMMUNITY REMAINS IN A "FAILED STATE" All Without Worrying That Any Strong Faction Will  Demand PROTECTION From The "Embedded Forces" That Filled Up The Collection Plate, As The Consciousness Is Allowed To THINK MORE CLEARLY Without Their Molestation.


"Self Tricking" - while popular - cannot cover over THE TRUTH. 

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Philadelphia Tribune:  New Report On The State Of The Black Family Looks Disheartening

(Thank you Rob Redding. I lifted this off of your site. I do not believe that you are "evil". I only believe that you need to clarify your larger mission - Give up the politics as your gateway for 'racial revenge.)

It would be dishonest for me to fail to note that the George Soros (the beliefs that he espouses   has unrestricted access to the "Black Community Consciousness Nucleus - for no other reason than the fact that the prevailing Black Progressive Fundamentalists have a like minded "mind meld" with him.  This coalition stands together as "Owners" of Black Pathology.   One thing you notice, however, is that regardless of the"congregational unity" that they have drawn in the past, that compelled the "Black Consciousness" into VOTING for "Progressive Public Policy" - continuing pathology during any subsequent era of time is seen as "More Social Justice Work Needed To Be Done" BUT NEVER - "Failure and usurpation" - on their part.  Thus triggering a protective circle around this nucleus from more of their "bright ideas for the Negro".

The opening speaker to the forum asks for candid conversations about:

* Race
* Systems
* Inequities of Resources And Opportunities

Do you notice that he is ultimately talking about "America" (and what it needs to do) but is not going to talk about "Those Who Took The Valuables Of The Least Of These" - with the promise of development since the first Moynihan Report was released in the 1960's?

The "Self-Breast Exam" That The Open Society Foundation / urban Institute Has Created For Itself

  • Educational Equity
  • Strengthening Family Structures
  • Increase Living Wage Opportunities
  • Appended: Mass Incarceration Of Black Males
The Open Society laid out the above bullet points as its operating goals in its "Black Community Intervention" work.   With reference to Michelle Alexander's presence on the panel the "Mass Incarceration" reference was added.   It was strange to none that IF this issue about "Mass Incarceration" is so important - WHY was it passed over in the original body of longitudinal research.

On the computer that I am typing on - I have a project that I have failed to complete.   I have a database of all of the unemployment data since 1972 - when the federal government began to split out "Black Unemployment".   My goal was to produce a report that shows the ABSOLUTE IMPROVEMENT of the "Black Employment situation" over time.   

The foundation of the theory is that IF "Racism" defines the reason why the Black unemployment is twice that of White people THEN the continuous success in the political domain and the ability to adopt "Progressive Public Policy" - just as Bayard Rustin had envision - THEN IF, in fact, the force of RACISM is the prevailing reason then with favorable policies that work to negate racism in place - there should be a constant normalization of the Black unemployment rate with that of the national average.

To be clear - You don't debate a Progressive and assume the "analog" nature of his supposition.  "I showed you racism and therefore you can't hold me to EQUAL".   Failing to force them to put a proportional force measurement upon racism and then define the other forces that are at play - simply means that whatever covert agenda that they are running - they will always be able to depend upon "Systematic Racism Chasing" (Inequality Chasing) as their cash cow in attracting the valuable from Black people.

My database will through through the data series of the monthly unemployment reporting and then publish the gap between "white / black" and "national average / black" rates.  

The assumption is that as MORE POWER has been taken in the political domain - the primary channel that Black people have chosen to seek "Community Salvation" - then we should see a closure of the unemployment rate.

I won't make any assumptions on the finds until I finish my query and produce the report.

The Problem With The Minds Gathered Together At The Open Society / Urban Institution Conference

My problem with this conference is that it is largely an "Establishment Power Repudiation" exercise. It DENIES the AFFIRMATIONS that "The Blacks" in "Mission Accomplished Zones" have expressed as to the leadership and public policy set that they have adopted.  Instead it retains the right to talk about STRUCTURAL INEQUALITY IN AMERICA - providing cover for the "NATIONALIZED RUN TOWARD SOCIAL JUSTICE" that I frequently speak of.

I will listen to the video again and produce more posts from my findings.

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