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"The Republican Who Is Black" Needs To Go Back To The Drawing Board - Leave The "Political Domain" And Seek To Reconnect With The Black Community In The "BCC&CD Domain"


The Black Republican Fails Because He Is Ultimately A POLITICAL OPERATIVE Who Is Trying To Do Battle With OTHER Political Operatives - That Have The Advantage Of Being Encamped Inside Of The "Black Racial Consciousness Nucleus".

From This Position BOTH OF THESE POLITICAL OPERATIVES Serve As "Confidence Men" - Proving Black Americans With Justification To VIOLATE OUR COMMUNITY INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY Because They Convince The Masses  That There Is A Black Racial EXISTENTIAL THREAT Coming From The Right Wing And That BY VOTING FOR OUR SALVATION This Will Provide Protective Cover In The "Shot Gun Shack" Called AMERICA.   

Throwing The Embedded Confidence Men Out Of The Black Community Consciousness Nucleus So They Can No Longer Molest The Black Community From The Leverage Of An "Inside Job"
The Black Republican Is A "Crowd Pleaser" As Well, Having Bought Into The Notion That A Black Community Provided With The Consumer Comforts Of America Is HEALED.
IF This Nation Is Sick From The Thin Air That Its Inflating Debt Balloon Is Causing With Their Headachies What Sense Does It Make For A Political Operative With A "Counter Narrative" To Try To Sell The Same Confidence Scheme To Black Americans - But From The Different Team?

The Black Republican Has FAILED To Analyize The Situation And To CHANGE UP THE GAME.

Still Worse Than "The Black Republican" Is The "True Bigot" Who Looks At How POPULAR His Democratic Party Is With "The Blacks" And Then Who Sees The "Black Republican" Getting No Where" With The Black Masses.   HE Looks Past The Carnage And Destroyed Potential Of The Mission Accomplished Cities That His Machine Now Rules And Then Says To The "Omega Wolf Black Republican" - "This Is Why We Blacks Don't Like You Black Republicans!!!!  You Are A Destriment To Your Race" - This as he hopes he gets back home without a Street Pirate who "Don't Give A Damn" attack him.

As a self proclaimed "Black Conservative" who also consumes a healthy amount of science and documentaries I made note of how the use of "parallel universes" (or multiple dimensions - they are up to 11 or 12 by now) can assist scientific theorists out of a constraint that they have in mapping their theory with the real world.    (I still don't by Stephen Hawkings' "Multiverse" theory that he used to strike back at his critics of his theories surrounding black holes and the behavior of gravity near the "event horizon" )

Despite my doubts about the above in its use in physics  I do agree that compartmentalization is an important construct.  Though two ships pass each other in the night - in the same sea - one might be a "cargo ship" and the other is christened as a "party ship" for cruise line passengers.

I have personally reached the point of believing that "The American Political Domain" is a NET THIEF of "Black Community Consciousness" than it is a benefit for our people's development.

Politics itself is a "domain of organize lies and fraud" - done under the aegis of "societal governance".  Without sufficient discipline and regard of the fact that after all of the shenanigans -  there are people who need to be developed and critical institutions that need to be maintained - such a system merely resides on the legacy of its past.  The past OF BOTH "its greatness" and "its oppression" becomes the "battle flag" of various combatants that play in the game of political conquest.

I see the two "Dung Producing Party Animals" as merely brink-man whom are fighting over the steering wheel of a vehicle that is moving at a high velocity.  Despite the fact that the dashboard indicators are flashing "PULL UP!!! PULL UP!!!" and the vehicle itself lacks the automatic ability to execute its own self-perpetuation and thus turn on "Automatic Pilot" - these fraudulent middle men in the parties will step at nothing to wrest power from each other.

They can't see that the steering wheel might indeed be one day free for the taking.   Its just that
it will be scattered among the rubble after the grand crash.  AND THE COMBATANTS will be "too dead" to claim their prize.  External forces who were watching their ignorance and foolishness will bring metal detectors to pull out all of the precious metals out of the wreckage - including the gold fillings in the teeth of the crash victims.

The Jedi Mind Trick Of The "Machine Black Republican" 

I sit back and observe the arguments of "These People" and wonder WHAT PLANET they are living in.    

There is a fraudulent "Special Teams" standing in JC Watts' way and yet he is demanding that THE REPUBLICANS work harder to APPEAL TO THE NEGRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The GOP has a SELF-ENGINEERED brand that it prides itself on - it has warts and holes that go along with its "self-identified" Good.
  • The GOP has a "LampBlacked Yellow Journalist Press" that is going to MARKET TO BLACK PEOPLE how OFFENSIVE the GOP is TO BLACK PROGRESSIVISM
JC Watts can't see that if THE NEGRO values "Michelle Obama's BACK SIDE" over THE QUESTION OF US DRONES in "The Mother Land" - THERE IS NOTHING HE CAN DO but allow the final conflict to play out.


It has ONLY been proven to be an INDUCEMENT for him to COMPROMISE HIMSELF. 

The Black Republican - Desperate To Be Liked - But By Whom?

When I listen to Black Republicans I just don't understand how they "Don't Get It" - so often.

First let me start out and say that there are two classes of "Black Republicans" or "Republicans Who Are Black".

The West/Cain Caucus 
Adopt Party-line Priorities and demand that America retain its existential elements that made it great.   "Society and 'the Black Community' should change to adopt these core principles and as a result their condition will change for the better.

THE PEOPLE MUST RESIST CHANGING away from the core values as they adopt certain accouterments of our modern society that might ultimately imperil them.

The Steel/Watts/McAllister Caucus  See the Party's primary job "to be LIKED" by an expanded constituency.  In order to survive as a party there needs to be a group of people, beyond the traditional White Right-wing base that are attracted to them as an alternative.  "THE PARTY MUST CHANGE or it will die"  is there meme.

Guiding principles are a good thing to have.
However, if you fail to understand them intrinsically - when the big test in the real world hits upon you - your lack of fundamental understanding will cause you to possibly 'WIN at what you sought after' - but LOSE at what you were ultimately seeking.

My problem with "Republicans who are Black" is the very same as my problem with "Democrats who are Black".   They BOTH need to convince you, ultimately, that your salvation will come through "Party Line Victory".    When glaring exceptions occur that tend to prove their theories wrong - the presence of the encamped adversary makes it easy for them to sequester the blame in the enemy camp - and have their loyal base of followers agree.

WHEN YOU MIX RACE AND POLITICS - a matrix effect of the "perversions" that can result is produced.

Any Black person that is foolish enough to impart their "Black Existentialism" upon a political party - WILL GET WHAT HE DESERVES in the end.

Our state of "conscious integration" has it that when you hear the voices of these three political operatives pictured to the left talking on the television - they are advocates for their PARTY, beyond anything that you might assume they represent based upon their "racial phenotype".

The true test of this claim is NOT to seek out "what other Blacks AGREE WITH (or disagree with in the case of the elephant).  

If you want to understand what they represent - think of the last time that they BROKE RANKS and said - against the prevailing winds:   "NO - The Black community has INVESTED in this strategy for a long period of time AS A BLACK PERSON - I REFUSE to go along with the party line"?

Ironically - with the monopoly majority of Black people being Democrats - you are far more likely to have the Black masses demand that a BLACK REPUBLICAN stand up on the inside of his party and work as an "Insurgent" - or at least leave his party and write a scathing - "tell all book" about RACISM.

Yet when it comes to the force that harvests the lions share of "The Black Community's Valuables" - the failure to produce as promised DOES NOT trigger a demand for "party exodus".   The "expose' on RACISM" that the populous demands for awareness of "the truth" should instead be focused upon a report on "RETURN ON INVESTMENT" and "INVESTMENT FRAUD".

(I promise you that this post is NOT my standing up a "Black Republican" only to use the balance of this post to attack "Black Democrats".   These references to Democrats are necessary to establish the proper context of today's Hijacked Black Consciousness into politics)

The problem with the average Black Republican is that he believes that such a Black community fix is going to come through politics.   He only needs to get his party to be "liked more" by Black people.

What he can't see - is that other forces are watching Black people.
They understand the power of "OFFENDEDNESS OVER RACIAL SLIGHTS' (real and perceived) has upon Black people.

It stands to reason then that IF some wise observers deploy an array of "messaging engineers" to create a "World Narrative" that is agreeable with the "Black historical experiences" in America - which is "Oppression" and then make sure that they execute upon the "KEEP YOUR ENEMY ON TRIAL SO THAT YOU NEVER HAVE TO INDICT YOUR FRIENDS" - then it is all over for your hopes to win the favor of the people THROUGH the political channel that you seek to play in.

I am by no means a "quasi-Black Republican" calling "my brothers to come home".   While I agree with a portion of their principles in passing - it is their AGENDA in "American Politics" that is a greater threat than is any commonality on economic and social theory.    The Black Consciousness is the ONLY loser that is identified once it is affixed to some greater agenda.  It will begin to "Self-Lie To Itself" in order to justify its continuance, depending upon the presence of a large congregation that BELIEVES THE SAME THING as it takes yet another step - KNOWING IN ADVANCE that the same damned results that were achieved before will surely come after the "Silly Season" of the election campaign has passed by.  Today's "Black Consciousness" is fixed on the "Minstrel Cycle" (purposeful misuse of the word).

The Black Republican that asks his PARTY to change is a liar to himself as he can't bring himself to look into the "Mission Accomplished Zones" where his partisan adversary dominates after compelling Black people to "LIKE" his grand scheme for their salvation.

In his own desire to be "liked" by the Black people that pan and cajole him for his affiliations - after assuming the psychosis of a "bullied high schooler" - he takes up weapons - against the source of his abuse - HIS PARTY.

It never comes to him that maybe HE WAS NEVER A PART OF "THE PARTY" but instead is being used - just like his Black Democratic friends suggest.

IF HE WERE WISE - he would come to this understanding OF himself - but then look at his "Black Democratic Friend", see the same thing - BUT ALSO NOTE that the Democrats are merely more successful at CONVINCING MORE NEGROES that they are "a part of the team" and that "The Hill District" and "Southside Chicago" will improve - once they clear out all vestiges of "The Right Wing Enemy" that is standing in the way of "nationalized social justice".
More surprising to our ancestors to see the day when Black People Drove CARS, as fancy as the White folks is the fact that some Negroes would use the "advertising space" on the rear bumper to DEFINE WHAT "THEY ARE NOT" but are unable to SHOW THEIR OWN COMMUNITY WHAT THEY ARE, via the competencies that they express in DEVELOPING the masses - picking up via their vehicle and taking them to class or rescue them from an impending storm so they won't drown!!!

The Black Republican doesn't respect the duality of his existence completely enough to see the EVEN BLACK PEOPLE who are made PLEASED with their "PARTY'S VICTORY" over what they deem as a RACIAL ENEMY - thus justifying the STITCHING of "Black Community Consciousness" and "Political Ideology" - that THEIR PLEASED CONSCIOUSNESS after an ELECTION VICTORY has ONLY produced "Happy Americanized Negroes" - content on their victory in the domain that they set their minds to and invested their valuables.  

It is when they are forced to "come home" - into the abyss that the sunlight from nationalized political focus don't shine - that the "furniture layout" which triggered their depression - comes back into their minds.

The bottom line is - The Black Republican fails to see how "ANTI-RIGHT WING" and "Pro-Progressive Democrat" has become a part of the DNA OF THE AMERICANIZED BLACK.  What THE NEGRO PREFERS is more important than the CONDITION OF HIS COMMUNITY and the INSTITUTIONS within.

Once there is a grand convergence around this notion of "Popularism" - as all of the key institutions within the community converge ..............

  • Church
  • School
  • Entertainment
  • Activism
  • Academia 
  • Media............ is not just "all over" for the Black Republican.    THE BLACK COMMUNITY'S INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY is the first to be clubbed upon the head to make it "stop snitching".

The BEST thing that the Black Republican can do is to DEMAND that HE AND ALL OTHER NEGROES who choose to engage in POLITICS - create a solemn vow to RETAIN THE INTEGRITY OF THE SWIM LANES and not become "OF POLITICS" to the detriment of the Black Community.

The news that parts of West Philly voted 100% for President Obama's reelection may be a point of pride for 'The Black Democrats' and the "Post-Racial Progressive Coalition".  The fact that these same Black communities WERE POOR and UNDER-EDUCATED during the time when W.E.B. Du Bois did his "Philadelphia Negro study", were the same as the "1960's transitioned into the lower power building of the 1970's",  continued in their ignorance as "favorable people" broke the glass ceiling in the 1985.   And REMAIN AS SUCH to-damned-day(!!) as the machine candidates control the entire city apparatus.  

Ironically - the Black Republican is in the very same place where "Sandy Cornish" was - when the "Slave Catcher" were closing in upon him during the slavery days in Key West Florida.  

In his brilliant insight he saw that "The Slave Catchers" did not care about "his person".  They only cared about his LABOR POTENTIAL which generated the bond payment if they took him back to Louisiana.  

Mr Cornish had the presence of mind to sever the body parts that made him "A SLAVE" in the minds of the "Slave Catchers".    Despite his injured state - he went on to build up a strong Black community in Key West by focusing on INSTITUTION BUILDING.

The Republican Who Is Black - in reference to the "prevailing Black Political Consciousness" is SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY.    Regardless of the damaged state of the Black community in the care of "the friends" - this consciousness has been so conditioned to expectorate HIM - as if he had the power to "injure any Negroes" despite lacking the ability to get elected by their popular vote.

My recommendation is that they DEPART FROM THE REPUBLICAN PARTY - and let the party go the way of its own choosing.

The challenge is to RESIST joining the Democratic Party by REPUDIATING POLITICS as the gateway through which the Black community will receive its salvation.

The political draw upon Black people is today nothing more than the power of "NON-WHITE WHITE SUPREMACY" - the desire for REVENGE against White people - USED - to:
  • Make the WHITE MAN who is RIGHT WING our legitimate enemy - worthy of COMPROMISING OUR INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY
  • while the WHITE MAN who is PROGRESSIVE is OUR FRIEND.   He has adopted all of the tenants of PROGRESSIVISM - that the Embedded Black Fox Confidence Man has adopted.    
The AMERICANIZED NEGRO will be used as the greatest loyal foots soldier EVER. 
Made to believe in the dream of "Redistributive Policies" as the GRAND FIX from afar for his community-level ailments.   GIVING UP of the GREATEST VALUABLE that he has - HIS CONSCIOUSNESS ABOUT HIMSELF - just for the sake of mining that which AMERICA has given to him -HIS EQUAL BLACK BALLOT.

In the realm of our ANCESTORS - the BEST POSSIBLE THING that could ever happen to the "Americanized Negro" would be for him to be given 3 BALLOTS for submission into the ballot box - but only after he signs a paper agreeing that such an amplifier is needed because he is inferior and needs to be repaired from his mental condition acquired from his past - win favor over all that he struggled for IN AMERICA - only to have AMERICA COLLAPSE and he be forced to LIVE UP/DOWN TO the STANDARD OF LIVING that his COMPETENCIES picked up along the way - AFFORD TO HIM.

The sad part is - TODAY in Camden, North Philly, Detroit, Chicago or East St Louis - HE COULD distribute 3 votes each in LOCAL ELECTIONS - and IT IS THE CASE that this would not do a damned thing to alter the fate of the Negro.


What the "Americanized Black THINKS AND PREFERS  is OF NO BENEFIT to any other Black Diasporatic COLLECTION OF PEOPLE.

In his present consciousness he will CONTINUE to DAMAGE THE INSTITUTIONS that would otherwise afford him he ability to PROVIDE STRUCTURAL BENEFIT - beyond his AMERICAN CONSUMER ego.

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