Sunday, March 03, 2013

"The Occupation" In Lisbon Portugal Say: "The Government Failed To Live Up To Its Promises On The Prosperity That AUSTERITY CUTS Were Supposed To Bring"

Eurozone crisis: Portugal protests against austerity

Which One If The More POWERFUL "Mental Association"?

  1. Two Years Ago The Government Promised That The AUSTERITY CUTS To Our "Social Justice National Protections" Would Produce Economic Growth.  THEY FAILED!!!  Now Its Time To Take A Different Direction Because The People Are Angry"
  2. 60 Years Ago Our Nation Began Establishing A 'Social Justice' Set Of Protections For All.  After A Long Run Of Model Progressive Policy - The National Treasury Was Over-Leveraged And Bankrupt.  The Austerity Cuts That Were Mandated By The Terminal Crisis That We Face DID NOT Alter The Consciousness Of The People Who Became Reliant On 'Nationalized Social Justice' Which Failed To Produce The Organic Seeding That Was Promised  In Order To Trigger Local Economic Production 
The Best Of Times In Portugal's History - The Portuguese Empire

The healthy commission checks received as "management fees" upon its colonial holdings.

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