Friday, March 01, 2013

School Crisis In Dekalb Sparks Legitimate Reform Efforts As Well As Prompting The Old And Tired Civil Rights Pharisees To Claim Racial Oppression By The White Republican Governor Who They Say Hates Black Students And Black People In Power

Rev Hosea Williams would not know the "Dekalb County" of today that he so loved.
After so many decades of fighting for "civil rights" and "justice" in this county to the east of Atlanta - the presence of "Black people in power" would not, in and of itself, make him proud and content.  He learned his lesson about such people while he was serving in the Georgia Legislature and Atlanta City Council.

The Voices Heard From The Civil Rights Pharisees - Who Were Protesting Outside Of The Georgia State Capital In Front Of The Statue Of The RACIST Tom Watson - BUT They Could Not Provoke The Police Dogs Or Fire Hoses As They Did "BACK IN THE DAY" Because The Black Mayor, Black Police Chief And Black Fire Chief Of Atlatna REFUSED To Be Caught On Television - Doing The Bidding Of The "Racist" State Republicans - Who Might One Day Remove Them From Power For No Other Reason Than They Are Black
Black Students In Dekalb County Are Being DISRESPECTED  - By The State Republicans 
Table Cell
As The Pharisees And Actor-vists Protests - Serious Reform Movements Are Taking Place For The Benefit Of Dekalb
DeKalb school crisis sparks reform effort

The top Democrat in the GA Legislature supports the ban on using school district funds for lawsuits against the school system by board members.

By The End Of The Week - Former GA Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond Who Took Over The Dekalb County Schools Might Be Called A "Sellout" IF "The Deal That Will Be Reached By The End Of The Week" Turns Out To Be "Governor NATHAN DEAL" Who Finally Took His Phone Call And Thurmond Agreed To Have The 5 Black And 1 White School Board Members To Resign And "MOVE ON FOR THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE STUDENTS" - Rather Than Take Up The "CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION" Meme Of His Friends In "The Movement" 
DeKalb BOE deal may include board members' resignations

Keep your eye on Michael Thurmond.
He has THREE "Masters" to please:

  • The Parents Of The Actual Students In Dekalb
  • The Civil Rights Pharisees
  • The State Of Georgia Apparatus That The Republicans Dominate
This is the first time that former Labor Commissioner Thurmond is in a position that has him DIRECTLY in the line of fire where his DECISION IS GOING TO PISS SOMEONE OFF.  (I can think of no such situation that the Labor Department placed upon him).

If he were wise he would go directly to THE PARENTS, tell them of the gravity of the situation and FOCUS DIRECTLY ON THE ACADEMICS AND MORALE OF THE STUDENTS - telling them - "Don't let these FOOLISH POLITICIANS and CIVIL RIGHTS PHARISEES who are ITCHING FOR A FIGHT KEEP YOU OUT OF COLLEGE because they trick you into a LOYALTY TEST". 

Former Dekalb Superintendent Cheryl Atkinson Comes Out On Top!!!
Picked Up By An Educational Services Firm Used By Dekalb County To Assist In Remedial Reading

Cheryl Atkinson takes new post after DeKalb: Success for at least one


If Dr Atkinson can tie her "Success For All" Program in with President Obama's "Early Childhood Education" - this fact AND the fact that NBC News/The Grio gave it their stamp of approval will mean that the Local Civil Rights Pharisees will be neutralized in any cricisim that they my wield against her.

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