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Open Society Foundation - Moynihan Report 2013: Pay For The Research, Get Favorable Results. Pay 'The Blacks' - They Will Reap Praise Rather Than Scrutiny Because They Are Along For The Ride

The #1 Threshold That I Established For The "Moynihan Report 2013" was:


The answer is NO!!!

I am going to move beyond my skepticism which believes that the known faces under the umbrella of the "Open Society Foundation" are NOT able to separate their IDEOLOGY from their BLACKNESS and make a dispassionate assessment of were the Black America Stands - and I WILL PROVIDE the framework for anyone, regardless of their ideology and interests can use to erect such a transparent analysis of the period between 1965 and 2013 and development plan for the future - to ensure that the next 45 to 50 years DOES represent positive traction WITHIN the Black community rather than POLITICS.

ANALYSIS Of Slide #1
Open Society Foundation Sponsorship  A few days ago I read an industry article detailing a study made by Dell and Microsoft that "Windows 8 tablets" will take market share from the iPad because users will be able to run their standard Windows apps on the Microsoft platform.

The analyst interpreting the report poited out that with MICROSOFT funding the study - it was to their advantage to skew the analysis toward their favor.  He then went through the report and noted how INDEED, the constructs of the analysis focused on cherry picking the strengths that would favor MS but did not include key issues and features that would tend to favor iPad (and Android).


The only thing the technology analyst did was to "step into the jury box" with his KNOWLEDGE OF THE UNIVERSE - in this case "What is importnat to the user of a tablet computer?".  Then he consumed the arguments of Dell/Microsoft and then plotted them into the UNIVERSE that he knew to be true.

In "Analyzing The Analysis" , he found that the Dell/Microsoft report - while compelling - failed to represent the accurate model of "The Universe".

As I take this line of reasoning and apply it to the "Open Society Foundation" - THEY INDEED have an IDEOLOGY and an AGENDA.

For me - I am no more "appreciative" that they are FOCUSING ON THE BLACK COMMUNITY when they didn't have to - than I am made "appreciative" that the Korean hair care suppliers have "Black Beauty Magazines - fearing Black faces - written in Korean to sell us stuff" OR that "Stuff Black People Don't Like" "CARES" so much about Black people that their blog features Black people in compromised positions - instead of them being able to articulate the universal threat that is going to prove to be "The Biggest Negro" they've ever seen - THE FISCAL COLLAPSE of the " IGNORANT RUN AMERICA".

Political Interventions To "Help Black Folks" Another serious pet peve that I have is when a "Black Report" is sent to the POLITICIANS, telling them what "They Need To Do To Help The Negro", instead of to "The People" in which a simply argument is made:  'IF YOU WANT THIS then you'll have to STOP DOING THIS OTHER THING".

Notice I did not say "Start doing".   What has been done has caused much damage.
The spirit of "DENIAL OF SELF" has been bastardized into a consumer consciousness which says: "You Owe Me"/ "My RIGHTS ARE....." / "If I VOTE I Will Get " .

While all of this may be pleasing to the consciousness that is cocooned inside of the American system - her oppressor and savior - it does little to set out a pathway for the development of ORGANIC COMPETENCIES within "The Least Of These" so that the attributes that even OSF finds problematic - will one day dissipate as the INSTITUTIONS within the Black community are made to produce the desired "finished product".

While The Same Problems & Enemies  Of The 1960's Persists The Report Fails To Talk About "The Friends" What has happened since the original report?
While the revised report should be applauded for providing TRANSPARENT DATA PLOTS - it is their analysis of what has transpired since that time that prove to be inaccurate - to the point of fraud.

INDEED our old friends of:

  • Racism / Discrimination
  • Capitalism that produces Inequity / Imbalance
Ironically the very same people who point to the "Voting Rights Act" - and how "MORE BLACK ELECTED LEADERSHIP" have been produced - are unwilling to go beyond the crown jewel of THESE FAVORABLE VOICES IN POWER - and instead go to look at the CONDITION OF THE PEOPLE - despite the fact that their electoral voices have been unmuted.   

In the context of their defense for the VRA they applaud the great progress.....AS LONG AS it is attributed to the federal regulation of the RACIST RIGHT WING.
Yet when they had the opportunity to go INTO the political districts where these favorable people were appointed into power by the "Least of These" who are under discussion - they showed a slight of hand - NEVER MENTIONING the fact that little has changed since the original report DESPITE the fact that "Favorable People" now lord over the carnage.

The Progressive reserves the right to TELL YOU of his greatness while he is in charge and to DENY that he yet has the POWER to effect "Progressive Change" so don't blame him for that which has transpired.   Let us instead look at how "More Progressivism - at higher rungs of government - are needed to counteract the 400 years of slavery, oppression, land theft and workers rights violations that have been mounted by this nation".

FAILING TO CONTROL YOUR OWN TIME LINE (Your Own Historical Account Of Events) Also Means That Someone Else Is Able To RE-Draw The Goal Line At Which You Should Expect To Receive Your "Social Justice" Proceeds

Where Are THE BLACK PEOPLE In This Report? We know about the "Black Fathers" initative and about Michelle Alexander's works at prison reform to get no-violent prisoners out of jail and back with their families.

While we hear about the "Systemtic Changes" that they hope to make with "Progressive Public Policy" and we heard about the "Direct Outreach" to actual fathers - some of whom are former inmates seeking societal reintegration - this entire effort never submits itself to a "FEMA-type SCRUTINY"

  1. Is It TIMELY
  2. Does it SCALE 
  4. Is it ENDURING
  5. Does it even know the type of RESCUE EQUIPMENT that is commensurate with the "Emergency"?

If "this nation" and "this government" had a founding that were made via suspect conditions - by men who some belief should have been arrested because they were "criminal suspects" - then all this says is that the American government is not MAGICAL - it is OF MEN.  Men are flawed and corrupt and bigoted.

Why then do we ascribe some force of mandate and Majesty to FEMA?
Just because there is a "social contract" and a "Constitutional right" to certain accouterments that you believe this nation should afford you as a citizen - AND you believe that the government should pay careful attention to "The Least Of These" - where do YOU FIT IN - stepping into the breach, as your present VOLUNTARY efforts - upon which you win a "Self-Award" becomes a mandate that you produce more of "The UN-Least Of These", thus reducing their exposure?

Should we be thankful that the Opens Society Foundation has concern for Black people and has populated its alumni into the "NAACP Legal Defense Fund", the Obama Administration and on Black father intervention programs?
OR should their EFFECTIVENESS be scrutinize - just as FEMA and the Security And Exchange Commission is scrutinized?  

The clarification to your rejection of the last statement which says "FEMA/SEC" are government organizations while the OSF is a private entity is cleared up in the next row below.

The Seperation Of Black Political Interests And Black Community INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY AND CONSCIOUSNESS

The truth is - that logoed "Black (Civil Rights) Organizations" enjoy a dual role.

  • They are champions in the fight against the existential threat of "White Right Wing RACISM" in the larger society that uses the political system as its official voice
  • They are seen as BLACK COMMUNITY LEADERS - occupying that space within the "Black Community Consciousness Nucleus" - where Black heroes of the past who were shut out of American politics stood - as they fought the great fight for justice and humanity on behalf of the Black community.
The problem today is that the WALLS OF SEGREGATION have fallen.
I am not talking about "American Segregation".   I am talking about the firewall that segregated "The Negroes POLITICAL Interests" from the sanctity that his "COMMUNITY CONSCIOUSNESS" formed in his grounding.

The same people who scoff at those who push the notions of "Black inferiroity", themselves, make regular references to the INFERIORITY of a Black individual or group with power to hold the weight of accountability as they use the benefit of time and favorable opinion but ultimately fail to change our people's conition - measured by a TRANSPARENT measuring stick.  (Not POPULARITY but more meanful measures - like the closing of the Black unemployment rate with respect to the national norm.)  

THIS WOULD BE PROGRESS because THIS would show that their thesis that RACISM via PUBLIC POLICY is holding us back would be proven true because more PUBLIC POLICY ADVOCATES - implementing their theories at the rungs of government that are closest to the people are ACHIEVING THEIR DEVELOPMENT GOALS of the people.

BUT WAIT - You assume that their goals are DEVELOPMENT rather than just A POWER RUN - using THE POPULARITY OF THE PEOPLE.

What If "Black Institutional Integrity", then is NOT the itemized list of "What I Did For The Negro in 2012 - when I had all of my community fund raisers and I gave myself a plaque at each one", but instead , what WE WILL OT ALLOW THE BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS to partake in BECAUSE we tried this foolishness before - IT MADE OUR PEOPLE EXISTED enough to HAND OVER THEIR VALUABLES - but when thel returned home from the inaugural ball at the Downtown Hilton Hotel that "Dr King" was not able to set foot into back in the - THE COMMUNITY did not change.

Until we see that the problem IS NOT that enough community members did not get exited over the POLITICAL VICTORY and thus they went back to "doing what society had forced them into doing" - YOU ARE THE SOCIETY .    After so many years of outward struggle and this providing you with the sensation of MOTION - you can't bring yourself to INCLUDE YOUR THEORIES into this MEASUREMENT OF WHERE WE STAND.



This, for no other reason, than the artful use of "Keep Your Enemy On Trial So You Don't Make An Indictment - OF YOURSELF".

WHY DOES THIS GROUP OF PEOPLE HAVE THE RIGHT TO GIVE THE BLACK COMMUNITY A "SELF BREAST EXAM" but NO ONE with a greater voice than mine - are asking these questions - OR are demanding to do their own "Squeeze Of The Black Community Breasts"?

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