Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Matt McGill: "This Is Going To Play To The Democrat's Favor. I No Longer Question The Strategy Of The President And His Strategists"

(Before I reached my adulthood I had no idea how "the IDEOLOGICAL BIGOTRY OF BLACK PEOPLE" explains a significant and growing portion of our PROBLEMS.)

Matt McGill - WVON:  "The REPUBLICAN PARTY must choose if it wants to stand with the NRA or the Sentiment In America"


The "Political Black Man" - Matt McGill is technically correct.
Since the Black community has yielded its "COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE CONSCIOUSNESS" to POLITICS and is aware of MAJORITY RULE - the POLITICAL POLICY is against guns.

Unfortunately Mr McGill can't seem to understand:  The forces that are responsible for the "STREET PIRATE NOT GIVING A DAMN" have yielded to political forces.  They are now terrorized despite transacting this same strategy LOCALLY upon Chicago.

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