Saturday, March 16, 2013

How Raped Women & Children And Racism Are Used By The "Dung Producing Party Animals To The Delight Of Their Congregational Bigots

The Republicans & Bill O'Reilly Push Jessica's Law The Democrat And The Progressive Press Push For "The Violence Against Women Act" 
The Target:  Democratic State Legislatures That Have Failed To Pass Strong Laws Against Child Kidnappers And Rapists Because They Are Worried About The Impact On The Criminal Defendants

The Target: The Republicans Who Voted Against The Federal Legislation.  Their Concern Was That When A Tribal Council Sets Up A Jury To Appaise The Gulit Of A "Non-Indian" In The Rape Of A "Native American" The "American Citizen" Is Not Being Tried Before "A Jury Of His Peers"


While "Democracy Now" saw fit to invite political operative Zerlina Maxwell to their studios BECAUSE of the "IGNORANT, Racist" comments she received after a debate with Fox News' Sean Hannity regarding the the question of the effectiveness of firearms in protection of women from rape - "Democracy Now" didn't bother to invite Ms Maxwell to the show for her to explain her previous cheer leading of President Obama's warmongering in "Nations Of Color" using drones and "Humanitarian Missions".

It was the IGNORANT RIGHT WING hatemongers who used the sight of a Black female rape victim that triggered the invite.

Even though the conversation on "Democracy Now" made the case that the right-wing gun defenders are attempting to justify their drive for gun ownership and thus are USING the issue for ulterior motivates - however true - "Democracy Now's" hands are not clean either.

We need to look at what the Progressive Fundamentalists DO NOT want to talk about in the "Dark Matter Zone" which proves to be an indictment against them.

No "Violence Against Woman Act" is going to stop a "Street Pirate Who Is Black" from assaulting a Black woman.  Ironically if and when he does and he is added to the "Mass Incarceration" - it is true that he will become another FACELESS BLACK MAN - stripped of concern for what he did to earn the prison strips - as the left wing activists begin to talk about "prison profiteering" rather than rape AND the harsh laws that they have passed that added to the prison sentences.

CLEARLY Rape Is More Of A Function Of A Community's Ability To Regulate The Relationships And Respect Between The Genders

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