Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Had W.E.B. DuBois Gone To Chicago He Would Have Did His Psychological Study On The "Chicago Negro" Instead Of Philadelphia


The Struggle Against The "Racist Attacks" Upon The Chicago Public Schools By Mayor Emanuel, Who Had Left The Obama Administration By The Time That The "Chicago Negro" Had An Opportunity To Rebuke The President In The 2012 Election For Giving Him Bad Advice On How To Handle Issues That Are Popular With Black Progressives

What The "Chicago Negro" Says 
Dark Matter Analysis
"Closing these schools and consolidating these Black students across neighborhood lines is going to create a dangerous situation that Mayor Emanuel needs to be held accountable for". 
The "Aryan Nation Gangs" that formed during past "school consolidation" efforts were not looking at the color of the handkerchief that was danging out of the back pockets of Black students.   

Cliff Kelly - "It seems like every time we turn around we are learning something new about how the decisions made by the Dailey Administration is now costing us money"

Mr Kelley has not yet connected together how COSTLY TO THE BLACK COMMUNITY the "Politicization Of The Negro Consciousness" Into The "Malcolm X Political Football Game" Has Been.

Treating the concussions alone has depleted the reserves.

"The Black Public schools stripped of resources are like an M16 without any ammunition"

CLEARLY this caller did not yet listen to the audio report about "Harper High" in Chicago.

These young men don't seem to have any problems in finding ammo to maintain the daily gun shots in the area.

It is easier to get "FIRED UPON" as PROOF of the FAILURE OF BLACK PEOPLE than it is to get FIRED FOR FAILING BLACK PEOPLE - if you are an "Embedded Confidence Man"
Dailey destroyed the city and now Emanuel is following in his footsteps.  We need to take to the streets and gridlock the city.

Do you ever notice that when it comes to the "Black Racial Services Machine" THEY ARE ALWAYS STANDING ON THE "RIGHT SIDE OF BLACKNESS" - regardless of how many of the Black Rank &  File are killed as their house of cards collapses?

Cliff Kelly Polls: Do You think that the school closings nation wide are racially motivated?  71% YES!!!

Teachers Union/ Rainbow/PUSH operative:  73% of the teachers that were evaluated to be sub-standard ARE BLACK
Clearly it is the case that SUPERIOR to any "Poll" or Statistics that one can pull out is the MANDATE THAT YOU CONTROL THE MEDIA that BLACK people are fed.

Then, regardless of the statistics - YOU are either "WINNING" Or Being "Discriminated Against".

You then hire "Paid Black Media Operatives" who can convey the message with a straight face.

If they WRAP THEIR AGENDA IN 'BLACKNESS' - they will be good for the ratings.

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