Friday, March 01, 2013

Blood Flows For Several Teens In The "Post Civil Rights" South

Teen Murdered In Norhtwest Atlanta - Possibly Mistaken Identity Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5
This Is The Second Recent Murder On "James P Brawley Drive".   The "Rev Joseph E Boone / Rev Joseph Lowery Bvld Corridor Retains Its Deadly Tradition"

Teen Seeking To Leave A Gang Shot 15 Times On Stephens Street In Atlanta


"The Young Mob" - "You Stay In Until You Die"

"The Goodfellows Street Gang" Affiliate 
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The "Odd Fellows Building" On Auburn Avenue In Atlanta
A Part Of The "Black History Tour" - The Signs Posted On The "Civil Rights Walk" Was Lobbied For By The "Civil Rights Pharisees" Seeking RESPECT From This "Racist Society"

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This Is A Member Of "The Good Fellows Street Gang".
The Civil Rights Pharisees didn't see the value of dispatching the fleet of buses into his community that are seen on election day in his community - back to pick him up to take him on the "Civil Rights History Tour" so that he can gain some consciousness about himself and live vicariously though those that the Pharisees venerate.

Mother Of A Street Pirate Reached Out To The Authorities For An Intervention With Her Son.   They Asked Her To Call Them Back In March - They Are Focused Upon The "Obama Inaugration", "The King Holiday", "Black History Month" And "The Justice For Trayvon Road Trip"


I empathize with the mothers of all of these young Black men.  They likely were not aware of the major task before them in raising a young man who absorbed so much of the messages around them.  FAILING to GOVERN and SCULPT these "Would Be Pillars Of The Black Community" before the "Spirit Of The Street Pirate" possesses them leads to a life of grievance and heart ache for their mothers.

As the mother of the young fellow from Castleberry Hill - a stones throw from Morehouse and Spelman - reached out to the COMMUNITY for help after exhaustively seeking guidance in her own bible....................

...........After the conference with the "Civil Rights Pharisees" in her community about assistance with her son she should have asked to look inside of THEIR BIBLES that were sitting atop of their desks, meant to impress all who visit their offices with the notions that they are "Men Of GOD".

Upon closer inspection she would have seen that she was wasting her time - giving the VALUABLES of HER "HOPE AND CONFIDENCE" in them.   THEY ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM which allows her son to obtain his character and values from other such men like him - on the streets as the HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTIONS that should be teaching them are in tatters as they seek POLITICAL power with the guidance of their "SOCIAL JUSTICE JESUS" who don't use no bibles as his guide.


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