Sunday, March 03, 2013

Blax News - Two Innocuous Negroes On Twitter Can Do A Lot Of Damage

Toure' To John Legend On Twitter:

"Those Black Rush Limbaugh Fans Sure Are Have A Lot Of Cognitive Dissonance"

John Legend To Toure'

"I agree with you.  When I was a freshman at PENN I made the mistake one time of going west bound on Walnut Street when I thought that I was going down town.

I got into West Philly and I saw a lot of cognitive dissonance.

Thankfully its the type of Negro cognitive dissonance that works for our common ideological bigotry."

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter transcends the previous criticism from former Mayor John Street that he is a "White boy in a Black body" when it comes to pushing "Black issues" as mayor.

Mayor Nutter leverages the news that "Republican Mitt Romney is in his fair city, inside of a charter school within a poor community in West Philly.

When Mayor Nutter's security brigade pulls up one of his scouts tells him that the people are yelling "This Is OBAMA'S COMMUNITY - 'come outside of that school and walk with us and we'll show you some REAL POVERTY.  You just want to do a photo-op with us.  But YOU ARE NOT GETTING OUR VOTE.

Our elected Black officials always tell us how you Republicans give us hell in Harrisburgh an in Washington DC.  Now you have the nerve to come into 'Obama's Community', thinking that you are going to get us to vote for you?"

Once Mayor Nutter heard this scouting report about the crowd that was assembled - he understood that he ONLY needed to talk about the condition of education in Massachusetts under Romney as the angry crowd was not interested in when the Philadelphia School District will be on stable ground - able to remove the emergency control board because of its failure to adequately educate its 70% Black student body.

Standing before Mayor Nutter was the BENEFIT OF the FAILED PHILADELPHIA PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM.  Since THEY DON'T WANT TO CHANGE - they want to hear SOMEONE TELL THEM that THEY WILL CHANGE AMERICA - which will then make University City High School Change.

Less than 1 year later - they were stunned to find out that nearby University City High School is on the list of schools that are scheduled to be closed.
Without a Republican around to protest against - and "The Koch Brothers" name retired because the campaign is over - they were BESIDE THEMSELVES, trying to find some external enemy to blame.  Their FRIENDS who pleased them so much in the areas that THEY VALUE THE MOST - could NOT be the reason for their loss.

When Nutter went to court to get their union to accept his terms - he became a "White boy" again - in the minds of some - just as Mayor Street had warned them.  

Even some White protesters called him a 'White boy' - a reverse of what a Black man walking through their neighborhood in the 1970's could expect to be called.

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