Sunday, March 03, 2013

BLAX NEWS: Obama Transportation Dept Offer To Replace The "Edmund Pettus Bridge" With A $1 Billion Project - With All Black Contractors - The Civil Rights Pharisees Reject Obama's Attempt To "Forget The Past" - As The Monument At The Center Of Their Rituals Would Be Destroyed

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Study Of "The Americanized Blacks" Program

SUPPOSITION - "The (Progressive) Blacks" HAVE NO BENEFIT (In Their Present Consciousness) To Stop The "Civil Rights Rituals" As They Carve Out "A Brush Back Pitching Zone" For The POLITICAL INTERESTS Of Black Progressive Fundamentalists 

Since The Democratic Party And "Progressive Public Policy" Has Been Adopted As The Defacto "Black Political Agenda" - The "Civil Rights Rituals" Are Used To Advance DEMOCRATIC PARTY/PROGRESSIVE Interests - Reminding The (Racist) Right Wing About America's Past And How THEY Stand As "The Antagonists" To The MORAL CONSCIOUS OF AMERICA.....As Long As The Progressive Left Controls The Narrative.

ANALYSIS - If The Republican Party Were To Shut Down - This Would MEAN NOTHING To "Black Community Development" As This Is An Entity IN THE AMERICAN POLITICAL DOMAIN.

In Places Today Where THERE IS NO "REPUBLICAN THREAT" - These "Mission Accomplished Zones" Where Progressive Fundamentalism Goes Unchecked HAS FAILED To Deliver The Promises That Compelled Black People To "Hand Over Their Valuables" For More Than 50 Years.

WE CAN SEE BELOW That Dallas County / Selma Is Yet Another INTEGRATED Governing Environment Which Indeed Has Certain Fixed Racial Fissures (See The Monument To Confederate General on Private Land below).  The Fact Remains That THE PEOPLE'S VOICE In This Majority Black City And County ARE REPRESENTED THROUGHOUT GOVERNMENT.

As Long As "The Governed Blacks" Agree To Pay More Homage To THE CIVIL RIGHTS HISTORY And Its Rituals - They Will NEVER Be Able To Provide Sufficient Management To The "Human Resource Institutions" To Produce STRUCTURAL IMPROVEMENTS TO THE BLACK PEOPLE That Matriculate Through Them.

The DEAL OF THE CENTURY Was Squandered BECAUSE The Civil Rights Pharisees Did Not Want To Destroy Their Rituals.

IF US Highway 80 Becomes Too Busy With High Speed Traffic - The Pharisees And Politicians Would Not Be Able To Get Permits To Shut The New Bridge Down To Vehicle Traffic So That They Can Reconnect With Their Past

This Was An Illegal Public Display Of Affection Between The Races At The Time That "Bloody Sunday" Transpired.
48 Years Ago If I Was Standing Here I Would Have Been Beaten By A Racist Police Force.  
Today I Stand In This Spot With My "President Obama T-Shirt" Hoping That I Don't Get Hit By A Car From A Tea Party Member Who Has No Plans To Honor The Bridge Closing Permit That We Got From The Dallas County Public Safety Director

Who Is Your Government Of Selma / Dallas County Alabama Today That Loves To See The Focus Upon 1965 Rather Than The Conditions In 2013?
Selma Mayor George Patrick Evans

Sheriff Harris Huffman
Dallas County Commission

Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins Proclaims That He Freed 33 Inmates Who Were Falsely Convicted.    The Civil Rights Pharisees Seem To Make A Great Outrage About Trayvon Martin Out Of Florida Than They Have Condemned The Dallas County DA Who Is The Immediate Predecessor Of DA Craig Watkins Who WRONGFULLY PROSECUTED 33 People In Dallas County.

"You Know Stonewall - If we told the Confederate sympathizers who are alive in 2013 to change the state flag of Alabama and Mississippi back to the flags that they adopted when they joined the "Confederate States Of America" before those damned Yankees violated our sovereign rights as a separate nation - I bet you that the majority of the Negroes who are alive at that time would agree to it all because they are conditioned to look out for the Battle Flags that are tattooed upon ignorant Red Necks - rather than LEARN more about history.

"Well Jefferson, you did say that your slaves needed a White man to guide them because they are 'rather child-like'.   I still believe that this is a condition that was brought on by those of us White men who needed them to be dependent because we needed them to work.     I just did not expect that when these Ninjas got free that they would continue to seek out the same disposition - despite their front of having VOTED to receive their standard of living in the name of 'Social Justice"

"General Lee - give me a name of one of your Brigadier Generals who is worthy of having his name affixed to a bridge in the 'Heart Of Dixie'.   We will ask General Bedford Forrest to infiltrate the Alabama State Patrol, beat up some Blacks and then have those Blacks honoring this general's name for 100 years without knowing that when they raise his name - they are raising the Confederacy.

"Well Robert - I can think of no finer man than Brigadier General Edmund Pettus.   "


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