Friday, March 01, 2013

BLAX NEWS: Former Mayor Andrew Young Parts Ways With "The Occupation" To Stand With The Current Mayor On The Stadium Deal, Asks The People To "Get Over It And Move Out Of The Way Of The Equal Playing Field Earth Moving Equipment"

Former Mayor Andrew Young Puts His Support Behind New Stadium For The Falcons

Former Mayor Andrew Young At "Occupy Atlanta"

Out of power and thus out of the position to enforce Atlanta's LAWS - Mayor Young was able to enter into the ranks of the "Occupation" - in a manner that sitting Mayor Reid was not able to do.

Weeks later when the Atlanta Police converged on the space to shut it down - Mayor Young's image was not tarnished.  "The Occupation" remembered the kind words that he said when he told them "I Feel The Spirit Of DR KING - And The Civil Rights Movement among us.  Dr King handed his spirit over to you.   I have first hand knowledge to know what I am talking about. ".   (Note: A made up quote that captured the spirit of what Young told them)


What are the attributes of a successful "Black leader" (leader - as in "Keeping the confidence of the Black community and giving them cover to follow him? "  Not always does this translate into good MANAGEMENT of the institutions of the Black community - occasionally doing things that are not popular but are necessary - like ending school busing programs as the community is made to MANAGE its own schools and the people within them.)

If you watch Andrew Young you can get an understanding of how a "business man" can "earn capital" within the Black community that builds up a reservoir of respect and credibility - that allows him to then go occasionally against the grain - "To The Other Side" and yet "come back home" without finding all of his windows broken out.  (Literally and figuratively).

President Obama does the same thing.

FIRST - You are going to have to start out on the left as "The Anti-Establishment / Anti-Racist /Fair Share" populist.    Rhetoric against "the establishment" COSTS YOU NOTHING.  Your constant taunts will eventually get their attention.

SECOND - You build up your base.  The people and their votes are important for your "street fight".  Money in your war chest is important because it will fund the "optics" of your propaganda machine.

THIRD - Get the MEDIA on your side.  Make YOUR cause - their "muckraking spirit'.

FOURTH - BECOME "The Establishment" BUT DENY that you are "The Establishment".  Even though you have the political power of past "oppressors" / "capitalists".   Even though your bank account says that YOU ARE in "The 1%" - the truth is that "The Least Of These" are NOT looking at these two mutually exclusive points that would tend to get you tossed out.  They are looking at one thing - "ARE YOU WITH US OR AGAINST US"?   And thus "Is OUR ENEMY, Your Enemy"?

FIFTH - The "Least Of These" are left leaning and there is no getting around this fact.   When it comes to generally inconsequential things - like the "Occupation" YOU STAND ON THEIR SIDE.  There is nothing to lose.   Let the pictures show "I Wuz There When You Wanted Me To Be".   Even if you have to park your fancy car at the airport and then take public transportation so you are seen stepping off of a bus and into the rally - this earns a lot of plus points with a movement that is propelled more by ideology and emotion than structural sophistication.

SIXTH - When "AN ESTABLISHMENT Situation" comes up - such as a controversial public works and tax utilization issue where there is disagreement between the 'Corporate Class" and "The LEAST OF THESE" who will be impacted and possibly displaced - USE YOUR GRAVITAS that you have built up with them to step in the breach and become THE DEAL MAKER.

In metro-Atlanta, as with so many other places ' The State Republicans' are the face of evil.   Andrew Young is a solid Democrat but has veins of strong connections that go throughout circles - right, left and international.

Since all along all but a few strident residents support the deal but merely want some promised improvements to their community - repaved streets & sidewalks, a housing redevelopment plan and a community center - allow an Andrew Young-type to come in as a "sweetener middle man" - getting the monied powers that be to include into the package things that aren't directly affiliated with the stadium BUT which serves as "walking around money", allowing the middle man broker to save face - and proclaim that he got the greedy to relent.

Andrew Young IS NOT the "Civil Rights Pharisee" loud mouths that you are going to see marching around the Georgia State capitol - hoping that it collapses like the "Walls Of Jericho".

Though I still have a problem with the bunch of them - as they FAIL when it comes to evidence that their take over of the Human Resource Development Institutions - has shifted ALL BLACK PEOPLE - AT EVERY RUNG - 2 standard deviations closer to development - per the evidence of their possession of more "Organic Competencies in hand" - at least Andrew Young knows how to step into a conference room and move past the "Clown Show" - and cut a deal that involves more than the presence of "Fake Black Braggadocio " being transacted for some capital goods - with one side believing that there is EQUAL WORTH being transacted.

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