Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Blax News: Comedian Bill Cosby Earns Praise From Michael Eric Dyson About "Republican Segregationists" - Refuses To Attend Memorial For The Dead In North Philly Because Its Too Dangerous

The Civil Rights Pharisees Of Philadelphia invite Dr Bill Cosby to their annual ritual to pay tribute to the Black victims of murder due to hatred.  All expenses paid.

Cosby agrees to be the featured speaker on the speech entitle:

"How Many More Black Lives Need To Be Lost Before BIGOTS Change, Stopping The Hatred And Greed In Philadelphia And Other Cities?

Once Bill Cosby heads to the airport and notes that his plane is going to his home town of "Philadelphia PA" rather than to Jackson Mississippi where a limo driver was to take him east bound to "Philadelphia Mississippi" - to undo the damage that Ronald Reagan did at the "Noshoba County Fair" he grew concerned.

He called his sponsors from the airport and learned that their memorial is to be held in the parking lot that houses the "Homicide Victims Of Philadelphia 2011" in North Philly - off of Broad Street.

Bill Cosby protested that he had been TRICKED!!!  He said "I can't be associated with a group that seeks to deceive me as you have done.   Find another speaker." and then hung up.

In truth he knew that the "Rest In Peace" memorial that had been updated for 2011 was in a dangerous neighborhood. If some Street Pirates sought to bum rush the event and take him hostage - it would not be as big of an event than if the Tea Party did the same in Mississippi.  

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