Sunday, March 03, 2013

Blax News: Black Republicans Warn That The Take Over Of Detroit By The State Republicans Will Leave Detroit, Flint And Benton Harbor Permanently In The Hands Of The Democrats Because Black Progressives Will Never Forget This Latest Attack

With the news that the Republican governor of Michigan will assign an "Emergency Financial Manager" to run the City Of Detroit - the "Watts/Steele/McAllister/Jackson Black Republican Caucus" issue a press release - warning that this move by the state GOP in Michigan will ensure that Detroit, Flint and Benton Harbor will remain firmly within the hands of the Democrats for another 100 years.

They understand that by offending Black Progressives - their task at recruiting Black Democrats to become Republicans will be made more difficult.

Not that the "Black Flight Progressives" who moved out of "Mission Accomplished Zones" - to live in more conservative venues don't see the problems with "Progressive Fundamentalism".    They understand that when the Black Racial Services Machine is riled up into an even more hostile disposition against the Republicans - they are often the closest object to strike as they go back to visit their friends during house parties and cookouts.

Over time they have learned that a "Black Flight Progressive" can depart the "Mission Accomplished Zone" without being attacked IF they claim that they are "pioneers into the white wilderness" - hoping to gain enough of a presence to get a Progressive Democrat on the city council - through the guise of their "Blackness".

NOW The Detroit Free Press Accepts The Inevitable And Speaks Of A Future In Which The Emergency Manager Is In Place

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The Blue Light Buzz said...

I am LILVOKA/TheBlueLightBuzz who write for Journal de la Reyna.

I enjoy your commentary on issues of the Black community.

This one about Detroit has been a personal issue with me.

I live in the rust belt city of Dayton.

I occasionally go to Detroit to see family.

I really detest the negativity from the Republicans. Their campaign to attack the Black and Hispanic community has gone too far.

The conservative/white supremacist bubble loves to trash Detroit because it's a majority Black city and a Democratic stronghold.

They simply wrote off the negative aftereffects of manufacturing leaving, deregulation, white flight and racial tensions from White men.

Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, white supremacist and other conservative agitators rally this baseless war against the American people of color.

I believe that the country will bounce back! Unfortunately I see progress is never achieved until we all work together.

Keep up the good work on your blog.

If you want to check my friend LeReyna's blog visit it