Saturday, March 16, 2013

Blax News: As Chicago's Credit Rating Is Degraded MSNBC's Sharpton And Maddow Vow To Find The Republicans Who Were Responsible For The Bad Credit

Political Economic Analysis Meant To Run A "Confidence Scheme" Investor's Appraisal Of Confidence In A Financial Instrument
  • Blame THE POLITICAL ENEMY For The Present Fiscal Malaise 
  • Knowing That "Your Congregation" Will Follow Along
  • Because They HATE The Enemy More Than They Can To Acquire Tools For The Edification Of Their Own Understanding Which May Force Them To Abandon Their Bigoted Positions
  • INTEGRITY ENFORCEMENT Of This Tool Would Reduce The Size Of Their "Congregation"

The Embedded Confidence Men Have A Vested Interest At RESISTING Any Reform That Would Place An INDEPENDENT Regulatory Body Between "The Rank & File" And THEIR Direct Access To Their Thoughts, Narrative And Motivations.   
  • The Likelihood That The Capital Funds Invested Into A "Financial Services" Product Will Prove To Be A Safe Investment Of Their Principle AND Yield Returns 
  • The Integrity Of The Credit Rating Agencies Provides The "Confidence" That The Investors Need Prior To Yielding Their Valuables
  • In The Mid-2000's This Nation Saw The Consequence Of Having Credit Rating Agencies (As Well As Home Appraisers, etc) Compromise Their Institutional Integrity Because They Wanted To "Go With The Flow" And Allow A "Confidence Scheme" To Expand The Economy
Legislative Reforms Were Made In This Zone - To Reduce The Chances That This Will Ever Happen Again.  Those Who Resisted These Reforms Were Called "Greedy"

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