Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Blax Holdings - Sociology Research For Profit: Which Of These Negroes Display The Most Brainwashed State Based Upon The Name They Call Themselves?

(WVON = IF YOU GET YOUR WORLD VIEW From 'Black Wing Grievance & Political Opportunism Radio" - you will believe that OPINION POLLS equals ECONOMICS and as a result - the conditions in the Southside Of Chicago will IMPROVE once the theories heard on the radio are NATIONALIZED)

Dr Kwabena Faheem Ashanti, author of "The Willie Lynch Letter" says: 

"The name that a people accept and answer to (their surname) defines the cultural consciousness diameter that they will grow into" 

Which Of These Negros Would You Saw Is "Conscious" Based Upon WHO HE CALLS HIMSELF?
My Name Is "Peter O'Kelley" 
"I had no control over the name that my parents gave to me.  My mother and father provided me with a well-balanced upbringing - enabling me to KNOW MYSELF and what I VALUE.  

Though I am not going to spend the time and money to go through the American legal system to change my name to something that describes myself - most of the people who interact with me know me through the company that I own and the position that is on their paycheck, written right under my name:  "OWNER"

"I Am Not A Republican" 
I am within "The 1%" but when Mitt Romney said what he said about "The 47%" it angered me because I know that he was talking about BLACK PEOPLE - and I am Black.

I realize that when it comes to Black Americans who think like me - they are more interested in a wealthy Black man standing with them politically than they will hear on the Black talk radio a conversation about how my $1,000,000 house that generates $75,000 per year in property taxes would pay for the education of 10 Black students in public school.

I see that all that I need to do is get outraged about what they are outraged about.  VOTE for who they express their "Black Consciousness" VICARIOUS LIVING through and they won't ever bothered to ask me:  "What have you done for Black people?"

I am a "We Are In The White House Negro"

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