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Artur Davis - Another "Republican Who Is Black" That Doesn't Get It!! "Black People" -- In The Present Prevailing Consciousness "Liking You" Is NOT Evidence Of A Conscious Black Community

(The Damage Is Only Going To Get Worse - As Void That Is Created By The ABSENCE OF PURPOSE -  Is Countered By More Free Media That Can Sculpt The Unprotected Consciousness Of The "Philadelphia Negro" - Provoking Him To INVEST HIS VALUABLES HARDER Because He Is Convinced That "Social Justice" Is Just 2 More Election Cycles Away.)

Summary - Artur Davis believes that by responding to what 'POLITICIZED BLACK PEOPLE THINK" are the intentions of HIS PARTY on the Matter Of The Voting Rights Amendment - that this will "rile up 'The Blacks' " and make it more difficult for him, JC Watts and Michael Steele to perform "Republican Recruiting Of Black People"

IF MR DAVIS were a wise man - he would argue that the Progressives who seek to end the SANCTIONS from the CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM upon all felons who have "served their time to society" and who are now being harassed by a PAROLE system right after release and then a BIGOTED EMPLOYMENT SYSTEM - after it sees what that individual has done wrong in the past IS ASSUMED to shine similar suspicions among Progressive Fundamentalists .

Mr Davis assumes that what the "Prevailing Black Political Consciousness" THINKS is synonymous with THE CONDITION OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY.   He and other "Black Republicans" are so fixated on being political operatives - they can't bring themselves to call out the LONGITUDINAL DAMAGE that is being done to the "Black Community Governance Culture" as 'The Blacks' are compelled to degrade the typical protections of "Their Valuables" as they seek out to fund the battle that the "Post-Racial Progressive Fundamentalist Alliance" is orchestrating against their "Right Wing Enemy", using the proceeds from the harvest drawn out of the "CONSCIOUS LOYALTIES" of the Black Community.

Until The Black American Desires To MANAGE His Own Community Up To The Desired Outcome (Standard Of Living) USING "The Equal Human Resources" That GOD Gave To Him For This Purpose - MORE THAN He Desires To DEFEAT THE RIGHT WING IN THE POLITICAL "BATTLE ROYALE" IT IS NOT WORTH THE TIME To Attempt To Compel Him To Move To YOUR TEAM "In The Battle Royale".  

Instead Time Is Better Spent Showing Him That The Leg That He Presently Has In A Strangle-Hold, As He Prepared To Render The "Death Blow" - IS HIS OWN LEG!!  And That He Might Need To Think Twice Before Shooting It.

He Has Yet To Accept That His Ally Has Shot His Body Up With So Many Pain Killers So That He Can Continue To Sacrifice His Body For "The Team" - That Now This Local Analgesic Has Now Trickled Up To His Brain.

Artur Davis -
Candidate Obama's State Campaign Chairman 2008 Turned Republican

Davis - Argues:  By Seeking To Strike Down Section 5 Of The Voting Rights Act - THE RIGHT WING Risks Amplifying Suspicions To "The Blacks" That The Right Wing Is Seeking To Strip Their Voting Rights Away.

Constructive Feedback University 

The Philadelphia Negro Was Told For More Than 50 Years - That If He Invested His "Equal Black Ballot" As A Voting Block - THINGS WOULD CHANGE FOR THE BETTER.

VICTORY In What "The Philadelphia Negro" Was Compelled To Dedicate His Life And His Body To In Scarifice - DID NOT Translate Into The PROMISED BENEFITS That The Black Communities In North Philly, South Philly And West Philly Were Promised.
The Main Outcome Was A Growing Black Suburban Community In South Jersey And The Northeast - Where "The Black Flight Progressive" Evaded Philly In Pursuit Of His Permanent Interests - Thanks To The Civil Rights And Anti-Housing Discrimination Protections

Its Only When You GO INSIDE OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY (Or Outside To Other Black Diasporatic Zones) That You See The DAMAGE That This Frauduent Congregational Unity Scheme Is Rendering UPON BLACK PEOPLE - Despite Being Bountiful For The "Post-Racial Progressive Fundamentalist Alliance) 

A BLACK CONSCIOUS FORCE, If Available Should Focus On His Action In 2012 That Caused Him To 'TRY HARDER' At His Investment Scheme Rather Than Limting The Number Of Black People Who Put Their Money Into "The Offering Plate" Rather Than Fortify Another Venue For Development

The Election Of 2012 - Upon The West Philadelphia Negro

The Truth About "Obama's Community" In West Philly


While The "Philadelphia Negro" Was Made Contented Hearing Tales From The LampBlack Yellow Journalist About The Disrespect That Ronald Reagan Did As He Visited Philadelphia Mississippi But Failed To Acknowledge The Deaths Of The 3 Civil Rights Workers - Even Though This Happened 16 Years Prior

When The "Angel Of Death" Took I65 To I85 To I95 As He Moved To "Philly PA"  As Part Of The "Great Migration" - The CORRUPT "Black Racial Services Machine" That Was So Expert In Distracting The Black Populous Created A Homicide Memorial In North Philly - But Could Get No National Politician To Come And Comfort Them On The Site - Because This Part Of North Philly Was Too Dangerous To Ensure Their Safety

Slate Magazine Knows That It Could Win A Pulitzer Prize IF It Did Some Muckraking IN Philadelphia, Interviewing "The Blacks" And Attempting To Reconcile Their Beliefs In What SALVATION IN THE AMERICAN POLITICAL SYSTEM Can Bring Them Versus The Reality Of 50 Years Of Investments - Just Like The Inquirer Did With The Series On "Violence In School" 

In the end "Slate Magazine" reasoned that they like what "The Blacks" are doing with their valuables - and the Pulitzer Prize is but a token of self-indulgence.  Why disrupt a good thing in Philly for Blacks who don't ask for much but to be made pleased?

Celebration in the "Diverse" news room of the Enquirer after they won a journalism prize in reporting on violent Blacks and Hispanics in the Philadelphia School system.

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