Tuesday, February 12, 2013

WVON Was Doing Good This Week At Focusing Upon The Black Community Until Obama Gave The "State Of The Union"

I am listening to WVON on my computer right now.

I was applauding WVON for their disciplined focus upon the need for "solutions" in the issue of "Black On Black Violence".  They know the problems.  They didn't want to hear more about the problems.
They wanted people calling in with SOLUTIONS.

(Of course - their "Solutions" were actually "Tasks" for Black people to do.   They actually need to be setting up an infrastructure of what NO LONGER WILL BE ALLOWED TO BE DONE in the name of "The Black Community".   POLITICS is the #1 theft of BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS and ATTENTION within the Black community.   You only need to LISTEN to the people to understand that "The Americanized Black" has become almost a 100% province of POLITICS.   "The Negro" no longer even tries to go "to the people" and MANAGE "What WE need to do" to build up ORGANIC COMPETENCIES within the Black community".  They work to deliver "The Black Agenda' message TO the Rank & File and then have them go to the POLITICIANS in the "American Political Domain" to EXECUTE this scheme.    What seems like a brilliant strategy in the confines of America in which "Nationalized Social Justice" appears to be achievable IF they "take over the national flag" from the Right Wing adversary - is in truth a short sighted gateway for continued "dependent variablalism" because NOTHING about this scheme talks about COMPETENCY IN MANAGEMENT of our "Human Resource Development Institutions".  It ONLY talks about the need to FUND THEM - as proof that Black people are EQUAL in the eyes of this nation which was founded by Land Theft and Slavery.   
WVON's Post Obama Speech Coverage 

I no longer get disappointed - people.
I just wonder IF any of you are listening to the very same thing and projecting beyond what is SATISFYING for you to hear, instead choosing to note that 50, 30, 5 years ago YOU WERE SIMILARLY SATISFIED with what you heard.  The two things that did not change are:

  2. Your (macro) CONDITION

Things happened to you.   You reacted.
The standard players of "Good And Evil" are retained throughout - regardless of HOW MANY OF YOUR VALUABLES you have invested.

With WVON - I know the voice of Cliff Kelly.
I do not know the voice of the other Black man speaking.  He is an "Obama Fanboy" posing as a  "political analyst".

I DID NOT listen to "The State Of The Union Speech" tonight.
Per my "Constructive Feedback University" work - I review the news coverage first and then I go back after the fact and listen in for myself.  With politics I do NOT want to get caught up into the "emotions" of a politician's delivery.  Instead I want to WATCH the "Congregation" and the "Press Booth" as they compromise themselves in reaction to or support of whatever was said on stage  -that does not resemble the TRUTH that is in their own lives, as they know it.

As I took my dog to the basement for the night I happened to hear WVON streaming on my computer.

The Black-Wing Grievance & Political Opportunism Radio is UNQUALIFIED, In Its Present Formation To MANAGE THE BLACK COMMUNITY, Producing Results That Are Different Than What We See At Present.  Period!!!

They have NO RESPECT for the INSTITUTIONAL integrity of the community.
When their grand "struggle" hits a road bump - you can be sure that none of the ring leaders that lead the way in the last interval of time - WILL EVER GET FIRED.

The main product of the "Black Racial Services Machine" is BLACK CONGREGATIONAL UNITY and NOT "Absolute Organic Black Community Development.  PERIOD!!

When you have the congregation energized and all of the "celestial bodies" of the Black Racial Services machine - focused on hyping the same AGENDA - we see more COMPROMISE of the normal "defenses of wealth" and the will to speak out, asking "Where is the money that we gave to you?  You won't get a penny more until I see a portfolio statement".

The schizophrenia that is present within its psychology and psychosis is readily observable.
The BLACK COMMUNITY NUCLEUS would be wise to PROTECT its core from direct manipulation by these people with the messages that they spout.

DOES ANYONE NOTICE - Today's BLACK PROGRESSIVE NATIONALIZED STRUGGLE...............WAS YESTERDAY'S fight at "City Hall" / "City Council" / "Local School Board" and "Local Jail / Sheriff"

Since NO ONE in the mix is going to call THEMSELVES

(I tried to capture - as best as I could the essence of the statements made by Mr Kelly and his "Obama Fanboy" guest.

The Malcolm Political Football Game" Domain

The Black Community Consciousness Nucleus

  • Salesmen FOR Obama and Progressive Fundamentalism
  • "The Republicans" keep coming up with these phony crises 
  • Tomorrow we need to call up all of our politicians and hit them hard with the BLACK AGENDA starting tomorrow
  • Obama's plan to rework the public schools seems to be on the right path
  • "The State Of The Union" gave the inner city some thing that it can be hopeful for
  • The SOUTHSIDE of Chicago needs to have more directed resources toward its schools.  The  people VOTED for more resources.  We need to control the money
  • Obama said he wanted to tour the 20 most "detrimental cities" around the country (NOTE: I bet that they are the most "Mission Accomplished" cities as well)
  • The President's Speech Was A BOLD SPEECH - I Wish He Would Have Said More About BLACK PEOPLE
    • We must BACK UP THE PRESIDENT and as he says "MAKE ME DO IT" 
  • We need to have THE BLACK AGENDA advanced through the PEOPLE WE VOTED FOR
  • The OBSTRUCTIONISM OF THE CONGRESS is blocking "Us" from fixing bridges.   We have a lot of Black brick layers who could be put to work
  • We need "Advocates For The Black Community" and not RUBBER STAMPS FOR MAYOR EMANUEL
    • (Editor's note:  THERE IS NO SUCH THING as being "a RUBBER STAMP FOR OBAMA".  By DEFINITION - 
  • The President THREATENED CONGRESS to either act or he is going to use "Executive Order"
  • The President has PUT THE CONGRESS (The Republicans) on notice.
    • Brinkmanship
  • "THEY wouldn't allow Elizabeth Warren to take the Consumer Advocacy Agency.  So she ran for Senate and took Scott Brown's seat.  Now the Senate doesn't want to allow the President's choice for the agency to be seated.
  • People complain about the PRESIDENT NOT COMING TO THE FUNERAL but he did it the right way.   He sent the first lady and now he is coming to Chicago on Friday
I am very optomistic for the president's remaining 3 1/2 years in office
He put the Congress on notice
He laid it out tonight

He is going to use the bully pulpit to advance his agenda.

The President made it very clear, he came out of the gate swinging hard

The President GAVE US (the Electorate) a push, asking US to put pressure on the elected officials.

  • The Black community is BEING LEFT BEHIND as Hispanics gain in political power

FOR SALE/LEASE: The Scene Of The "Fight The Power Holy Ghost Fried Fish & Pan Seared Social Justice Jesus Joint" 
The Fish And The Transcripts For The Congregation Was Delightful - Its Just That NOT ENOUGH OF THE "ENLIGHTENED PEOPLE" In The Community Came In To Pay For The Natural Gas And Electricity

IF THE FISH And "The Word" Is That Good And Nourishing For The People - We Should See A "Fish Fry" Every Day At The Corner Of "Godby Road And Old National Highway" Because THE PROGRESSIVE WORD OF SOCIAL JUSTICE Should Not Be Confined To The Comfort Of A BUILDING - And Besides - No One Is Going To Demand Rent If They Set Up Shop Outside Of The Oil Lube Shop Except The Nation Of Islam Might Protest That You Are Crowding Out Their Space.


Recall I told you about the "Levitating Black Elected Leadership" - who, in the face of growing grievances they know how they "congregation" thinks and then levitates off of the stage and leads them in a "Struggle" against some external force - thus escaping the normal damnation that an incombent typically receives?

The Levitating Black Elected Leadership" needs a "Black Congregation Who BELIEVES In 'The Power' ", the two of them together are an inseparable pair.

Black people in this consciousness WANT TO BE LEAD in a "STRUGGLE".
Even though they now have FAVORABLE PEOPLE IN THE SEAT OF POWER of the institutions that the civil rights movement used to protest against - since the transitition to MANAGEMENT was aborted by the EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN who have a microphone, pen & paper or computer keyboard in hand - they still believe that "The Struggle" is the means by which the community will be fixed.   The previous successes at getting (local) favorable people into power STILL did not do enough to rid this nation of RIGHT WING forces that still derail their ability to see the "Social Justice Jesus" in the flesh.

These Have Been Mined - Right From Under The Feet Of The "American Negro" - Just Like The Gold And Diamonds From The Congo EXCEPT "The American Negro" Believes That He Is Smarter Than His "Savage Brothers" - That "This Won't Ever Happen To Us, We Are Educated"

In Truth - They Just Have More "Black Confidence Men" Who Are Negotiating With The Mining Company In Support Of The Exploitation  Than What The 'Africans' Managed To Achieve So Far"


Should you be surprised that this side of the balance sheet - the "What The Black Community Must Do For Self - WITHIN Its INSTITUTIONS" is so sparsely populated?

Whenever you hear the "Pharisees" work up a "Black Agenda" and note that they seek to TAKE IT TO THE POLITICIANS - you should have already seen what I have observed.

They ONLY know how to "Struggle" for Black Community Salvation through the American Political Domain.   The "Black Community Governance Culture" has been largely destroyed due to benign neglect.

Notions of "Black Consciosuness" today is mostly used for the benefit of the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" in which:

  • Some OFFENSE to "Blackness" is registered by the political enemy
  • Some OFFENSIVE words are said about "Black President" or his wife, thus justifying the person's outrage - all the while Drone bombs that fall on "People Of Color" don't quite register in the same way.  (Right Rob Redding?)
  • The Progressive Fundamentalist pathway is blocked by some Right wing adversary.  It is a given that "BLACKNESS is PROGRESSIVE" - used as a LURE but never, it seems, does PROGRESSIVISM become the ESTABLISHMENT POWER that is taking the valuables from the Black Community and IT IS the INCUMBENT POWER that is failing to PROVIDE SOCIAL JUSTICE to the LEAST OF THESE

COMPROMISE AND CORRUPTION are the likely results. NOT development of "The Least Of These".   They get taken for an amount greater than what "Sub-Prime Loans" got them for.    By mutual agreement - no one in on the racket snitches. 

The Cliff Kelly Show ADMITTED That This Growth Trajectory Above IS NOT HAPPENING.   Don't Listen To The WORDS Of ADMISSION.....Make Note That THEY ARE NOT GOING TO CHANGE Until Their Very CONSCIOUS ASSUMPTIONS CHANGE.



I wish that I was malicious in my categorizations of what I heard.

The ONLY "Black Community Centric" statement made - which was NOT a reference to POLITICS was the one above - which is even a "political power" reference - but I shaved the rough edges off so that it could qualify as a "Black Conscious Awareness" statement.

The EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN Are The #1 Thieves Of BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS As They Understand That The CONGREGATION Wants To Hear WHAT THEY ALREADY BELIEVE - Affirmed Via Their 5 Senses - Each Day.

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