Friday, February 08, 2013

Will SBPDL Travel To Jackson Georgia For The Two Executions In February?

AJC: Execution Warrants Signed For Two Killers In Georgia

SBPDL Position:

This Black prisoner killed another prisoner.

First he should receive an award for saving the State Of Georgia the expense of having to fight against "The Innocence Project" on behalf of the other prisoner.

Then he should be put to death by the State Of Georgia because he likely is guilty of the murder in prison and the original crime that got him incarcerated in the first place.   It was likely a crime against a White person seeing that he is Black.

SBPDL seeks a "Stay Of Execution" on this death row inmate who was convicted of killing two college students from Mercer University.

SBPDL seeks to use its own lawyers from the "SBPDL Legal Defense Fund For White People" to investigate the evidence to ensure that no Black person from the neighborhood around Mercer University snuck on campus - did the killing and blamed it on this fine young White man who couldn't beat the wrap.  That it was a "Rapper" who actually did the crime.

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