Sunday, February 03, 2013

Which Is The More Uncomfortable Interview In Reference To Today's "Black Community Consciousness"?: "All Of The Men In My Family Have Gone To Jail" OR "All Of The People In My Family Are Black Conservatives"?

Do you ever get the feeling that a particular "Progressive Media Operative" would be more aggressive during an interview with a "Black Conservative" than a Black victim who grew up in "Da Hood", who went to jail for attacking a "Black woman", thereby executing a real "War On Women"?

It is clear that a person who has made a "Progressive Reform" in his life  is a more worthy resource for the community than a person who dares to look at what is going on inside of a particular ecosystem and offer "constructive feedback" rather than buying into the narrative about how "The Legacy Of Slavery" is still the prevailing force in West and North Philly, this the key talking point because otherwise they would have to ask:  "Is the Black community being developed?" while VOTING FOR ITS SALVATION?

The Hall of Social Justice
Constructive Feedback University
The Pull Of Gravity

How (Black) Men, Returning From Prison, Back Into The Same Societal Circumstances - Have An Accellerated "Recitivism Rate".  There Is A Need For Social Services Programs And Intervention To Prevent These YOUNG LIVES FROM BEING SQUANDERED


Upon Obtaining The Valuables From The Black Rank & File, Achieving Power Over The Key "Human Resource Development Institutions" YET FAILING TO REMEDIATE The Problems At Hand - They Merely Make A Run Up "The Mountain", USING The Present Condition Of The Black Community At Time "N" With The Goal Of Achieving More POWER At Time "N+1".

The Black Rank And File Are More Focused On How POPULAR This Ideology Is With Their Own Beliefs In What Public Policy Should Do For The People - Than They Are Interested In Noting That They Have Been INVESTING THEIR VALUABLES Since Time "N - 50", Yet Are Loathed To Ask "WHERE IS THE MONEY THAT WE HAVE GIVEN YOU BEFORE That You Said Would DEVELOP US?"


When I see the latest "intervention effort" Within The Black Community, seeking to remediate a particular problem at hand I am not averse to giving credit to those who see a problem in the community and who are standing up, at minimum, to show the vulnerable person that someone cares for them and to provide a way forward that seeks to reduce the odds that they will repeat their past mistakes.


My problem with the "Interventionalists" is that, far too often, not only are they unwilling to call out the "Embedded Confidence Men", who played a large part in the misappropriation of the "Black Community Conscious Attention" - THEY ARE THE SAME "Embedded Confidence Men" who lead the distraction effort.

The Disrespect And Contempt FOR Black People BY Those Forces Who Drive "Congregational Unity" In Order To Harvest The Valuables FROM The Masses Who Are Obliged To Promote "One Accord"

As a consumer of "Black Media Messaging" I know of what I speak.

The most powerful force working within Black America today is "Establishment Power Repudiation".  The very same people who can enumerate how many "favorable people are in power" as a testament to the fact that "justice and the moral beacon" trumps "hatred and marginalization" - are unable to see or acknowledge the fact that they often traffic in the very same scripted antics that their enemies engage in.

The real problem is that they are not presented with THE OPPORTUNITY COSTS of their antics - as they ingest the messages from the media sources that tell them what they want to hear.

The ESTABLISHMENT POWER that they win through attrition is accompanies with the mandate that they "OWN" the results, using them to accept the "constructive feedback" about their theories and "public policy' that they enact, being open minded enough to note the gap between WHAT IS POPULAR and what is EFFECTIVE.

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