Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What Did The Black-Wing Radio Caller Notice That Joe Madison - The Black Eagle - Had Difficulty Saying On His Radio Show?

"Sustained Political Pressure Will Force Transparency" - Pepperdine University professor on the matter of drone strikes (Radio Times)

"The President Told Us Last Night To Put Pressure On Him And Force Him To Drive The Black Progressive Agenda" - The Paid Blacks on "Black-Wing Grievance & Political Opportunism Talk Radio after the "State Of The Union Speech"

Joe Madison "The Black (Progressive) Eagle

Caller on "The Redding News Review" radio program:

"I could hear it in Joe Madison's voice his strong reluctance to say the new name of "The Power" channel on Sirius XM

Joe Madison The Hooded Progressive Chicken Hawk

He couldn't see the present condition of Detroit and other "Mission Accomplished Zones" as he "struggled" in the past.

Today he can't see that the US GOVERNMENT is still doing what he used to protest against because his new "hood" has him focused upon being the "Voice Of The Obama Administration" against the Right Wing threat
"President Obama - Stop Using Extra-Judicial Killings  On "Nations Of Color"

The Perils Of Having "The Commander In Chief Of The US Allied Imperialist Military" As YOUR "Dr King"

WHYY Radio Times - "The Obama Administration's Drone Strike Policy

Democracy Now - The "Hedges v Obama" Lawsuit

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