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VDare's Review Of "Black Conservatives" Reads Strangely Similar To Dr Earl Ofari Hutchinson's "The Emerging Black GOP Majority"

VDARE: BRC (“Black Run Conservatism”) vs. GAP—(“Generic American Party’)

Seeing that "VDARE" is into "deer in the headlights" - I'll have to take a second look at the 4 to 7 deer that perpetually roam through my back yard to determine if they like the idea of a "Negro" living on the property that they have roamed for hundreds of years.

Thanks to "my dear friends"  over at "Stuff Black People Don't Like" regarding - perish the thought - politicians dolling out jobs to connected, "racially affiliated" supporters - I happened upon this link about "Black Run Conservatism".

You see - according to VDARE the "Republican Party is catering too much to the Negro".   Yeah - that's right.  Now get off of the floor.

This is not the purpose of this post though.  It is interesting to read the article above and how VDARE enumerates every "major Negro Republican" in recent memory for attack.   I own and I've READ Earl Ofari Hutchinson's "The Emerging Black GOP Majority" (2006 - Before Obama) and I was stunned by the common heritage of these two literary pieces.  

I bet if someone used the new "plagiarism detection" software used by universities we would find that either the VDare article published this money copied out of the Dr Hutchison book from 2006 OR it was Dr Hutchison who used VDare's on line library back when he penned his book.

VDare's Warped View Of "Black Conservatism" 

Is there any surprise that this group of "supreme intellectuals" encamped within VDare/SBPDL has used only "Political Blacks" as their reference model for Black conservatism?   All of their examples are either "appointed Blacks" or Blacks that identify themselves as "Republicans".

Not that VDare is interested in noting the subtleties of "Blackness" beyond the "One Drop Rule" but - there is a distinct difference between a "Political Black Conservative" and a "Cultural Black Conservative".   One can indeed be both - but - just as I see with "Black Consciousness" - the line of demarcation is defied by what YOU WON'T DO in the name of "honor and dignity" and not the enumeration of "what you did for Black people".

It is fascinating to see how VDare/SBPDL are merely political operatives, defined by the biorhythm of American politics and encamped in their own ideological bigotry - so much like their Black Progressive Fundamentalist counterparts.  Though both would deny it - so much of the primitive elements of their argument styles are exactly the same.    They both operate base on broad and fixed stereotypes of their adversary and then use this "given" as justification for the ultimate violation of societal standards.   "The War On {Fill In The Blank} Effect" which justifies these violations are always in effect within their respective congregations.

As such - when it comes to the notion of "Black Conservatism" VDare is stuck on their focus upon "The Blacks" who want to make headway within the Republican Party.  

(I will use SBPDL as a reference because I don't often monitor 'VDare" but it is S.S.D.D. as the same mindset is present in both repositories)

Yet you notice that they continuously bash the Republican Party has having "sold out" from its White supremacist beacon of hope on a pitched black night.   The GOP and America as a whole now "caters to 'the Blacks' " offering them protections that are unthinkable.

If only "these people" were to step inside the Black community and note how the GOP is used as the Black Progressive Fundamentalist's taxonomy of White racist fortification yet to be dismantled - as a pretext of Black community salvation and development.

How can these two mutually exclusive truths exist at the same time?

The answer is: BOTH of these factions live and breath off of the works, the struggle, the intelligence of THEIR ANCESTORS.

  • When I debate my dear friends at "SBPDL" I notice how they can attest to the 'universal greatness of the White genetic phenotype " - mostly by pointing to their "racist" great work and great societal accomplishments.   ALL WHITE PEOPLE are free to basque in this glory - without ever being forced to wonder "Who made the donuts and took out the trash" in the great laboratories, board rooms and legislative chambers?  Including the "chamber pots" that had to be emptied. 
  • When I debate "my brothers and sisters" among "The Blacks" - I notice that they practice "Establishment Power Repudiation" - denying that the machine that they have erected - after collecting "valuables from the Black community" to take the seats of power within the institutions that used to be powerful enough to suppress us with police dogs and fire hoses, followed by LEGISLATIVE WHIPPINGS that left more scars than the dogs did - they are unable to be honest with THEMSELVES and thus "other Black people" as they agree to submit to some notion of basic honesty:  They are USING the past UNCHECKED "Institutional Racism" in America as they run "Systematic Racism Chasing" to UNCHECK the normal CHECK that the Black community would otherwise run in the most famous words said by the Negro when it comes to his money:  "Where is the money that I gave to you the last time?"  
The TEAMING effect of both of these groups of thugs afford them the ability to place a check upon the individual member who might dare ask the question above.

For the SBPDL crowd the question is a bit of a derivative:  "Since Black Run Detroit or Cleveland has tanked thanks to the Negro - why haven't we used our 'White brilliance' to move slightly up-river from where the Negro has concentrated himself and REBUILD that great city that he now occupies?  "

You see - the above question is the very same type of "distillation" question that I see necessary to expose the "Embedded Confidence Men" who lurk within the Black community as well.
NO LONGER can you walk within your ancestor's shoes.  If in fact you are as BRILLIANT or as OPPRESSED per the vantage point of your ancestors - then USE TODAY'S reality to show your own competencies.


I am a "Black Cultural Conservative" who sees that the Republican Party does not and never will represent my consciousness and my interests.   One only needs to listen to the average "Black Republican talk" to see what you are dealing with. (or you can tune into NPR's "Tell Me More" on Mondays and listen to Ron Cristie and Keli Goff - and then decide on a weekly basis which of the two is more disconnected from the realities on the streets of "Black America" and an EFFECTIVE means of mitigating the challenges).

A legitimate "Black Conservative" has the intellectual honesty to assess the condition of the Black community and make the distinction between what is NOT WORKING - despite its popularity and the STRUCTURAL CHANGES that must be implemented before any hope of attainment of the "expressed outcomes" can be had.

One of the foundations of this blog has been the distinction between:
  • "Being In Receipt Of" the accouterments of a "high standard of living" per your membership within a "container of Social Justice"
  • "Building Up The COMPETENCIES" that allow the network of people that you govern to SERVICE the economy through which a desired "high standard of living" is expressed
The key test of the veracity of either of these two mutually exclusive models is for a "virtual God" to either place a glass dome over a local economy and then assess if it can sustain itself while protecting RIGHTS or to scoop out a portion of people, property and raw materials for transplanting into another place - and then sit back and watch as they execute upon the culture that they had adopted while plugged into the larger "United States".

With their "oppressor" gone on the one hand and "the Negroes" gone in the other case - the brilliance of either of these two groups can be assessed - now that their standard of living will now be defined - sans the SUPERIOR focus of their attention. 

In both cases - they will die off and some "tomb raiders" of the future will have possession of all of their valuables. 

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